PrivacySwap2.0 Playbook: Hackernet Marketplace

3 min readDec 17, 2021

PrivacySwap aims to provide all the possible sources of income to its users. Thus, they also offer a crypto-based marketplace for cybersecurity-related services. This feature will allow its users to tap curated services related to cybersecurity and earn in the process. Today, we will explore Hackernet.

The rise of the gig economy

We discovered a lot of income sources during the pandemic. One of those is to work at our own home. Working from home and freelancing became popular. Hence, job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer became famous. Many young professionals and aspirants entered the platform, hoping to hire clients that could help start their small to medium businesses.

PrivacySwap saw this fantastic idea and aims to bring on a platform with the same principles, but with a slight twist: it will be crypto-based, and the services offered all pertain to cybersecurity.

Since Hackernet will be built under DeFi and because the founders of PrivacySwap are all in the cybersecurity space, PrivacySwap will focus on curated experts in whitehats, smart contract auditing, or bug bounty. We will discuss how you, as a PYDEX holder, will earn from this. Also, discover if you are one of them. Before that, let us first talk about how hackernet compares to other online job sites available today.

PrivacySwap hackernet over others

Though other online job sites offer a fantastic variety of jobs, PrivacySwap’s hackernet focuses on services people can give and need under DeFi. In addition, freelancers on hackernet are curated. Curation is accomplished by client feedback and a proven track record. Clients can pay through various ways, such as through cryptocurrency or via fiat(through money wiring). This is once the developer confirms what would be the best payment means.

Moreover, since the transaction is done under Privacyswap’s canopy, you can assure that you transact with real people for a legitimate service.

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What can our freelancers offer?

We aim to offer Privacy-centric and DeFi-based services on the initial launch. We are open to freelancers who can provide whitehats, smart contracts auditing, and bug bounty services. Let us explain each service.

Whitehats. A whitehat hacker employs hacking talents to find hardware, software, or networks security flaws. On the other hand, Whitehat hackers follow the rule of law when it comes to hacking, as opposed to black hat hackers.

Smart contract auditors. WhitehatSmart Contract auditors are cybersecurity professionals performing a security check from the job title. This ensures that the on-chain code behind a smart contract is free from bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty. Same with whitehats and smart contract auditors, bug bounty programs determine the vulnerabilities of a platform. This service is also to ensure that the platform is secured and unhackable.

These services will expand in the future once we identify what other services a platform needs to provide a seamless service further.


We know how important it is for a platform to have an employee who can perform the job correctly. On the other hand, we also know how hard it is for freelancers and applicants to find a perfect company providing a legitimate service. So, we created this marketplace where both parties can transact safely and securely.

Not leaving behind our hodlers since day one, we aim to reward them with the percentage of the transaction fee performed using our marketplace. This will provide them with more income while allowing them to finish projects by utilizing platform features.

We are expecting to release this hackernet in the Q4 of 2022. We are, of course, ensuring that the platform itself will run smoothly, so the transactions are hassle-free. In addition, securing technicalities, pre-contacting platforms, and everything necessary is part of our daily task.

Nonetheless, we will be posting every update on our official social websites and social media accounts. So, stick with us and start earning together with PrivacySwap Hackernet Marketplace.

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