PrivacySwap: Why we should all get a crypto card

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial industry, and each day, it grows by a mile with their promising market and their potential return to both institutions and users. It’s a marvel brought by blockchain technology, and it represents utility other than value.

With the advancements on crypto already developed and still developing, a better way of accessing your hodlings without any trouble and unnecessary steps is a deal-breaker, as it would mean convenience in making crypto transactions as a new way of spending something of value.

This is where crypto cards come into play. For the first time, the crypto that is deemed to remain digital is crossing the real world with real application. Crypto can now represent importance in the financial industry as it plays a part in various Decentralized Finances (DeFi) that help users earn money.

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PrivacyCards, why should you get one?

PrivacyCards are crypto debit cards that the PRV community can use to spend their crypto with ease anywhere, anytime. Unlike typical debit cards that use fiat for purchasing something, it uses PYDEX and other BNB Chain tokens supported by it.

Users that have crypto for disposal now have the liberty and the convenience of buying something in the real world by simply using their PrivacyCards like a normal debit card. They do not need to register or login into something before they can use it. All they have to do is load some crypto in their wallet, and they are on the go!

To get one, all you need to do is stake PYDEX, the native token of PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange, and you are good to go. There will be four (4) new crypto debit cards that PrivacySwap will release. The following will be the staking requirements for each card:

Black Premium Tier, when you stake USD 200 worth of PYDEX
Black Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
Silver Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
Gold Metal Tier, when you stake USD 2,000 worth of PYDEX

But of course, the higher the tier that you get, the higher the rewards will be. For the Gold Metal Tier card, you will have as much as 10% incentives each time you transact with your PrivacyCard compared to the Black Premium’s 2%.

Furthermore, the upper-tier cards will also have a higher loading capacity compared to the lower-tier cards. For the Gold Metal Tier, each cardholder will have a monthly top-up limit of $150,000 USD compared to Black Premium’s $30,000 USD.

Aside from its convenience, it will also provide customers with passive income, since their cryptocurrency would collect interest while sitting idle in their account. In contrast to the traditional debit card system managed by centralized banks, cardholders can earn incentives by referring their cards to friends and family once they already have them.

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