PrivacySwap: What are launchpads in crypto?

3 min readApr 3, 2022


Crypto launchpads, like startup incubators, assist crypto projects in raising funds on their platform through offerings such as Initial Coin Offerings (IDOs). To begin, you must submit your project to a launchpad for consideration. After that, the Launchpad will evaluate your projects and those of many others.

The screening process takes into consideration the project’s development blueprint, the potential for wide-scale adoption, the team behind it, benefits to the crypto ecosystem, and other considerations. A limited few projects are allowed to be included on their platform when the screening procedure is completed. Then they encourage investors to purchase launchpad tokens.

In a nutshell, a launchpad is a platform for decentralized projects that want to increase their user base and seek funds for development within the framework of the IDO and for investors who want to be a part of the construction of a new crypto-giant at an early stage.

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Advantages of using launchpads

Access to a huge number of investors and projects is provided.

Launchpads are beneficial to both entrepreneurs and investors. Startups have the opportunity to present their projects to investors from around the world and, if successful, persuade them to invest. The only other obstacle to access is the vetting system, which, if you are in good standing and have no loose ends, will not be a problem for you.

Launchpads are beneficial to investors since they allow them to see a variety of initiatives all on one platform. Additional benefits include early access to projects and, as a result, a lower token price than other investors who join later in the project’s lifecycle.

A more secure ecosystem

Due to the fact that the projects have been validated, investors do not have to be concerned about losing their money or falling victim to fraud. Rug pull scams, in which business owners grab your money and then disappear, are prevented by using launchpads as a safeguard.

Furthermore, launching a project on launchpads is not prohibitively expensive. As a result, startups don’t have to be concerned about missing out on too much business.


Aside from the opportunity to gain early access to projects, another factor that encourages investors to participate in launchpads is the chance of a rise in the value of the native token. A launchpad, such as Polkastarter that becomes popular among investors would see the price of its native token, POLS, rise as a result of this popularity. The returns on investments will be even larger as a result of this strategy.

One such innovation that has caught the minds of millions of cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs is the development of the crypto launchpad. This is why PrivacySwap is announcing the launch of its own Privacy Launchpad.


Historically, early adopters of successful projects have reaped the greatest rewards; as a result, the creation of the crypto launchpad may provide the best opportunity for these early adopters to locate a project in its infancy.

Along with connecting investors and entrepreneurs, a crypto launchpad enables access to capital for project development, while investors have access to early-stage opportunities via the platform.

Crypto launchpads have been successful in catching the mainstream cryptocurrency market’s attention. Typically, the platforms connect prospective investors with tokenized initiatives prior to the projects’ public launch. This novel concept is quite unique in that it gives the crypto community a new source of income while also providing security, a highly rare combination.

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