PrivacySwap Weekly Announcement is UP!

PrivacySwap Weekly Announcement is UP!

Our PrivacyCard and DEX are nearing their launch. Thus, here’s another set of updates you definitely need to hear.


1. you can redraw your stuff now

2. If you can’t redraw or you see a high gas fee contact the admin.

3. Do so by 12 March 1000hrs

We have FINALLY managed to obtain EVERYONE’S deposits, withdrawals, and pending rewards up until today.

We have had a bit of a problem with the Binance Smart Chain RPC and the number of calls we have been making. Essentially we were making too many calls in too short a span of time despite them being perfectly legitimate calls to get deposits, withdrawals, and pending rewards per address per MasterChef and locked pool. This caused us to essentially get our connection cut each time, and have to reset everything and start from scratch again.

We had to then cut each contracts’ calls into more palatable bite-sized ones, which means we had to split EVERYTHING up. Which then increased the time required to obtain all data.

Boring stuff aside. Now we get to what is going to happen next.

Within the next 48 hours,

  • We will be turning the emission rates for ALL MasterChefs to close to 0, and we will be decommissioning PRV2 and PRVG very soon.
  • We will be collating the PRV2 sales taxes and distributing them to all PRVG locked pool stakers based on the snapshot we took earlier.
  • We will be calculating and preparing the airdrops of PRVG for EVERYONE. If you have PRV2 pending rewards, we WILL be calculating the amount of PRVG to distribute based on the CURRENT value of PRV2. For example, if we owe you 1 PRV2, we will airdrop you 0.031265 PRVG. This rate is the CURRENT rate as of 10 March 2022 1000hrs. The amount of PRVG to be airdropped will be fixed at the time of the airdrop. We will announce the rate and an accompanying screenshot of what the rate is via the “Trade -> Exchange” page.

What USERS need to do.

  • EVERYONE. With the snapshots, you are now free to withdraw ALL your stakes from ALL farms and pools. We have records of EVERY deposit, withdrawal, and pending rewards until today. This INCLUDES the PRVG earning PRV2 pool.
  • SOME of you WILL encounter errors when trying to withdraw. MetaMask will EITHER give you an error message saying “Transaction likely to fail” or you will notice an unreasonably high transaction fee. IF this is the case, DO NOT PANIC. if you encounter ANY error on ANY transaction, DO NOT CONFIRM. Instead, please kindly PM PRVAdmin with your address and which pool this error shows up in. He will be busy, but he will be looking at these PMs in the next few days in order to solve these issues and assist in the migration.

After 48 hours have passed, which is 12 March 1000hrs, we will be;

  • Putting out a Spreadsheet of ALL users who have WITHDRAWN from the PRVG locked pool that earns PRV2. These users are special as they obtained PRV2 in place of their PRVG capital. So these users need to send back the equivalent of PRV2 they received, and we will send them the PRVG capital + PRVG for their rewards;
  • We will deploy the swap pages for PRV2 and PRVG swap to Pre-PYDEX. You may then choose to go with the price pegged vested over 6 months route or the dollar to dollar swap at that point. The price peg rate and dollar-to-dollar rate will be announced before deployment. Users will then be able to start swapping over a period of 4 days. After 4 days, the swap for PRV2 and PRVG WILL CLOSE. So take note of this, and;
  • Take another snapshot after 48 hours, and then calculate and Airdropping ALL PRVG to any and everyone who are owed PRV2 pending rewards. PRVG earning pools should be facing NO PROBLEMS.

This is a lot to take in. But please do read. We are off for a quick sleep, and we will be back later today to answer any questions you may have.


We would also like to add that we can see that MOST of you in pools or farms that earn PRV2 will NOT be able to withdraw unless you perform an emergency withdrawal. This is because PRV2 is at max supply and no more can be minted — your rewards cannot be minted because they are pending rewards and stored as such, and need to be minted. It cannot mint, that’s why you cannot do anything.

In light of this, by the end of today, we will provide you guys with a special page that allows you to perform an emergency withdrawal with a single click. We will get a bit of rest, wake up and immediately start on this and launch it by the end of today for you, and announce.

For those who are a bit savvy, you MAY head over to BscScan and perform the emergencyWithdraw if you know how to. Please only use emergencyWithdraw if you are encountering an issue with withdrawing from our web at the moment. This method of emergencyWithdraw is a temporary measure until we push out a specialized emergencyWithdraw page later today.

Relevant contract addresses are as follows:

PRVG Locked earning PRVG: 0x2973ab26dcbC8253933E5b7A14aC8Aa7cDF5C628.

PRVG Locked earning PRV2: 0x5D32824f02fd763eE5442ce3326dAc92843d014d.

PRVG MasterChef: 0xdAcb4A770c291F00A88F40e6E8efd49BfdF78198.

PRV2 Locked earning PRV2: 0x494767Bf1568c46664AFf9874e8077F4e0E8b55e.

PRV2 MasterChef: 0x871B25aB88FdE0f2Ef677c0e0912Aa730c881A2C.

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