PrivacySwap Weekly Update is Here!

2 min readApr 1, 2022


Updates on airdrops, swapping, and DEX launch timeline

Hey guys, we would like to assure everyone that the DEX launch IS happening. The logjam we are experiencing is attributed to the unique situation of our PRV2, which we will explain below.

We have been having some trouble with getting data from the blockchain with regard to users’ deposits and withdrawals. This is due to the BSC RPC dropping our connection for some of the pools we have. We have found a fix and will be implementing it and obtaining the necessary data by today.

That being said, please take note of the phases you can expect to happen next:

We will mint and airdrop the PRVG to everyone.

After the airdrop, we will deploy the swap contracts and UI for users to swap either dollar to dollar or pegged price to Pre-PYDEX. This is the first phase of swapping.

Once the first phase of swapping begins, we will be adding liquidity and then opening up the swap from Pre-PYDEX to PYDEX.

Please let us advise on the timeline and allow us some buffer to do so. We are in a very unique situation due to the circumstance of PRV2, which is leading to a lot of additional steps in order to ensure calculations are accurate.

Meanwhile, for those who have not yet withdrawn their tokens, make sure you do so now before we move to the next step. Thank you so much, our beloved community. Just a few more steps and we will finally be ready to launch.

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