PrivacySwap monthly update — here’s where we’re heading

PrivacySwap had always been packed with great updates. Last August, we are continuously working on our software, especially with the integration of ERC20 tokens on our platform. Aside from that, we are also ongoing on future collaborations with other platforms and are closely working to improve our PrivacyCard.

As we have discussed recently, ERC20 will now be integrated into the platform. The ERC-20 Token Standard defines an API for Smart Contract tokens. This token standard proposes a standard for Fungible Tokens, which are Tokens that are exactly the same as another Token (in type and value). For example, an ERC-20 Token works similarly to ETH in that one Token is and will always be equal to all other Tokens.

It allows you to transfer tokens from one account to another, as well as obtain the current token balance of an account and the total supply of the token available on the network. Aside from that, it performs a number of other functions, such as authorizing the expenditure of a specific amount of tokens from an account by a third-party account.

We are integrating ERC 20 tokens to allow users to transact different tokens under one platform. We will be releasing more details regarding the integration once it is up and running so make sure to stick with us

In addition to that, we would also like to inform everyone that people can start loading through our platforms for the BSC network

Moving on to PrivacyCards. We are continuously in talks with multiple platforms to broaden the support of our crypto debit card. In addition, we removed the staking requirements which could allow more users to come in. In addition to that, we are also working on integrating ERC20 tokens to our debit cards.

We are still on the process of enhancing our affiliate marketing system software to provide a seamless transaction to everybody. Aside from that we are also ensuring that the affiliate

Moreover, we are continuously working on to improve the software of the debit cards to ensure that it can support more users. The PrivacyCard webpage along with its underlying features are all under development. The team is testing the software endlessly to ensure that it will deliver what it promise.

Additionally, To broaden the coverage of the card and our DEX we are continuously reaching out to other projects. This is to support more tokens and to provide more utilization to its users . PrivacySwap aims to bind crypto and fiat transactions. With that, we aim to support every token available in the market today.

PrivacySwap’s August is filled with plenty of updates. We acknowledge that there had been delays along the way but we always prioritize the quality of features we will be releasing. Though it is cryptocurrency, it still revolves around an actual money. Hence, security, safety, and utilization are utmost priorities.

As the end of 2022 starting to approach, PrivacySwap is hoping to release more of its feature in the upcoming years.

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