PrivacySwap January Roundup: Kicking off a roaring 2022

PrivacySwap is off to a great start this 2022. Despite the dip in the crypto market, the project remains unstoppable and focused on what it’s set out to do, with all its unique features waiting to be unveiled. As the Lunar New Year approaches, we think it would be the best time to reflect on what PrivacySwap did in the first 31 days of 2022.

We visualized 2022 as a fantastic year. Thus, we spent January upgrading and revamping our system to prepare for the upcoming DEX and card loading system. Without further ado, here is how we spent the whole month of January 2022.

DEX launch and web3 loading platform final touches

The first quarter of 2022 is the “launch quarter” for PrivacySwap. As per the roadmap, we should establish it this January. However, we decided to delay the launch to accommodate Paladin’s audit results and strengthen DEX’s security. We utilized the DEX delay to full use; we also postponed PrivacyCard’s web3 loading platform to ensure its UI features and technical requirements are all set on the backend.

Moreover, we are also working on revamping our system to adapt to the new features. We relayed every update on the AMA held during this quarter.


To enlighten PRVarmies about the DEX update, we held an AMA session last January 18, 2022. Apart from that, we also had AMAs towards the end of 2021 in preparation for the upcoming DEX. We discussed the pegged price of the new token, the PYDEX. However, note that our developers might consider repricing the token due to the current market situation, which we will announce on a date closer to the launch.

Furthermore, we also discussed our roadmaps. However, since PrivacySwap pushed the release back, we will be posting the new roadmap with the updated dates once we finalize everything.

You can watch our AMA here or read it here.

Audits and KYC

We continuously ensure the platform’s smoothness and security. Thus, we are always in talks with smart contract auditors such as Paladin. We also secure KYC verifications from platforms such as RugDoc and Dappradar. Paladin is finalizing the audits for our DEX’s smart contracts.

Once completed, we will make the audits available publicly so everyone can verify and read the findings.


PrivacySwap always aims to broaden the network. So, we are always reaching out to influencers, other projects, and blog sites for collaboration. On the backend, we are continuously reaching out to existing DeFi projects so our PrivacyCard can support more tokens for wider usage. Since we are also working on our Launchpad, we also opened our doors for new quality projects who are willing to utilize our system to promote their IDOs.

Moreover, the PrivacySwap team never stops promoting the platform to help more people in their crypto journey.

To sum it up,

Despite the delay of the DEX launch, we never stopped developing the system to ensure its wider and greater usability. We work overtime to ensure that the platform will generate a return for its users.

Furthermore, these updates are just at the start of our New Year, and we still have more features in our pipeline that are under construction. We are making sure that 2022 will be a prosperous year for both our users and other projects. So, come and join us on our journey to finish our roadmap and to be the next big thing in DeFi!

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