PrivacySwap is all about expanding features; here’s how we do it

4 min readApr 8, 2022


PrivacySwap is all about expanding its features. In order to accommodate more investors and achieve the “all-in-one ecosystem” goal, we aim to provide every possible feature in the DeFi. One of the ways to accomplish that is through collaborations.

Partnerships and collaborations have always been part of our vision. As we continuously aim to expand our suite of services, we discover how collaborations and partnerships could help us create and provide more services to our users. If you have been with us since day one, you will know that we started as a yield farming platform only. After that, we expanded and offered the vaults.

We kick-started our partnerships through AMA collaborations. Through these cross-AMAs, we were able to share how fantastic PrivacySwap is. We also asked and answered questions that helped us identify our consumer needs.

The AMA collaborations with BSC News helped us share our plans for PRVG and PRV2. This has also opened doors for our users to share what they think of the “Great Migration”, or the migration towards our second layer. With that, we decided to host our own AMAs and addressed those unanswered questions. We held 8 AMAs in total. If you wish to watch those AMAs to get a better understanding of our project’s journey and how PrivacySwap can be a good addition to your crypto investment, just visit our YouTube Channel.

As the project transitions to DEX, we realized that partnerships and collaborations are even more important because they open more doors for our utilities to be widely adopted. So, here are some of the partnerships and collaborations we are doing as we launch our DEX.

PrivacyCard Partnership

We aim to expand the userbase of our PrivacyCard because we believe this utility can greatly benefit crypto communities. With that, we have opened the partnership for PrivacyCards. The debit card already supports many tokens from BTCB, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, XVS, ALPACA, EPS, MDX, AUTO, and MBOX. For now, we are extending the invitation to BSC projects only. However, part of the PrivacyCard roadmap is to aim for cross-chain usage, to ensure that more people can use the PrivacyCard.

Following that, we also lowered the staking requirements to ensure more users could use the card. Now, to make it better, we are reaching out to other platforms interested in being part of our PrivacyCard. If your project aims to redefine finance by binding fiat and cryptocurrency or if you would like to learn more about this partnership, hit us at

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PrivacySwap Launchpad

We are still a considerably young platform, and we are still building our path to become a better DeFi platform. Having experienced the challenges of kick-starting a project, we understand how important it is for a startup platform to receive help from the existing ones. That’s why we created PrivacySwap Launchpad. With our PrivacyLaunchpad, every new project can promote its IDOs through our Launchpad.

In addition, projects can identify concerns regarding their projects. This is because PYDEX users will have the opportunity to provide their feedback about these new projects through our Telegram channel. We also initially announced that the Genesis NFT hodlers would be whitelisted on these IDOs, and they would be given early access to these IDOs. More information about the Launchpad will be released closer to launch. Meanwhile, we are continuously reaching out to new projects for possible collaborations.

Cross-farming Collaboration

We started as a yield farming platform. Through this, we know how beneficial cross-farming collaboration can be. We can ensure that our users can still farm with us using their preferred farms and tokens. On the other hand, users familiar with utilizing other platforms can still stake using our tokens.

We continuously work on providing more benefits to our PYDEX holders through cross-farming. We will be updating the community once we finalized everything. We are also reaching out to other platforms if they are also open to this idea.


Our partnerships never stop here. We are continuously working to ensure we can maximize the usage of your digital assets to provide you with better returns. We will ensure to update you and ask for your suggestions to help us determine what you need.

Regarding our DEX and PrivacyCard release, we know that you cannot wait for the official launch. It’s the same for us. That is why we are working day and night, with all hands on deck to expedite the release. We are now in the NFT withdrawal phase. Once we identify how much PRVG we need to mint, we can proceed to the next step of this migration.

The swapping period will come soon, so ensure to stick with us! Moreover, we are very near the end of this process, and we will soon be releasing the DEX and the PrivacyCard! We apologize for the delay, but we are surely heading there.

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