PrivacySwap: How to Make Money During a Bitcoin Crash by DeFi Yield Farming and Vaults

Enlightening everyone how profitable crypto can be is one of the most excellent steps we at PrivacySwap took since we started this business. The classes we held to educate people about the whole DeFi ecosystem indeed helped many and even attracted more investors and HODLers to invest in the platform. To benefit those who missed the first part of the series, we summarize everything discussed in the classes and compile it into one article. Let’s start!

We held our highly-anticipated first PrivacySwap webinar after our launch last May 26th, 2021. The core purpose of the webinar series is to enlighten users, both amateurs and experts in the cryptoverse, about the multiple benefits of Yield Farming despite the great depression and the current decline in the cryptocurrency market. We also shared with the attendees the plans of the platform aiming for continuous development, which is as follows:

  • BNB & BUSD Privacy Mixer ( a feature that hides your salary and wallet balance while purchasing). It will be launched in August of 2021.
  • PRV accepting debit cards to be launched towards the end of 2021.
  • HackerNet escrow marketplace to provide affordable security testing services to be launched in the second half of 2022.

In addition, PrivacySwap Finance also used the opportunity to unveil the yield optimizer: a new feature that started operating last June 2021.

With the inaugural webinar a success, the second, third, fourth, and fifth classes were conducted and discussed the fundamental aspects of crypto and a short glimpse of the previous topics discussed in the earlier discussions. Here’s a summary of the 2nd to 5th episodes:

  • In the second episode of the DeFi classes, we emphasized the vaults and farming on steroids;
  • The third episode focused on how to spot scams and alike. In addition, if you are a bookworm or someone who prefers reading than watching, we also published a medium article discussing the same topic, which can be found here;
  • The fourth episode is a continuation of the third episode since we noticed many new students who attended the specific class. In addition, we decided to expound on the topic since scams and alike are the most-received questions about cryptocurrency from the general public. Nevertheless, if you wish to go back and rewatch the specific episode, you can watch it here, and;
  • In episode 5 of our DeFi classes, we addressed issues from our community and followers, all of which were grouped under one theme: how to invest wisely and safely in the DeFi market. We emphasized how PrivacySwap differs from other DeFi projects and why PRV, our token offering, is worth investing in this environment. We also announced some interesting new features, such as our marketing plan, referral system, and crypto-accepting PrivacyCards.

Furthermore, for aspirants who missed the live webinar, PrivacySwap Finance offers a recording of the live event, which can be watched on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Moving forward, PrivacySwap aims to have more webinars seeking to promote awareness about cryptos and DeFi spaces. The next episode is on 28th July, where we will take a closer look at Yield Farming and Vaults. Save your virtual seat here.

Get updated with the latest happening about PrivacySwap.Finance and start being a PRVarmy now!

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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