PrivacySwap DEX update you don’t want to miss

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


We know how long you’ve been waiting for our DEX release. Thus, here are some updates on what is happening on the backend. This update is brought to you by PRV Admin on Telegram.

We have gone through a number of iterations of our tokenomics. We are down to the final one awaiting the collective go-ahead from the team. This will likely happen within the next 48 hours, and once it is confirmed, we will be releasing the tokenomics here in this very announcement channel. Thus far, the few key points we have to make with regards to the tokenomics is that we

1) Will be adjusting our emission rates downwards. This is in the interest of sustainability.

2) Will be adjusting the initial price to encourage a very sensible overall tokenomics in terms of Fully Diluted Market Cap, as well as to support the emission rate.

3) NFTs will STILL definitely play a role in boosting your yield.

With that being said, we are at our literal last step to launch. Our tentative launch date is going to be in the first week of March (the exact date to be advised in the coming days). In the next few days, we will be announcing the full roadmap leading up to launch, and with this roadmap, we will be able to provide you with sufficient time, instructions, and things that you need to do/do not need to do so that no one can do will be left out.

Within the next 48 hours, you can expect our finalized tokenomics to be released. And in the next week, you can expect the launch roadmap to be finalized and released as well. We will factor in ample time for any actionable on your part and what you need to do (and any potential delays due to logistical issues).

Please stay tuned. We are near our new beginning. We are very excited to show you guys our Web3 Debit Card system. We have poured in countless hours and agony testing and fixing. We are very excited to bring PrivacySwap to the next stage of its progress. With upcoming IDOs and PrivacyCard partnerships lined up — we are very confident that we will not disappoint.

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