PrivacySwap DEX Playbook

PrivacySwap DEX serves you everything

PrivacySwap; from privacy to utility

PrivacySwap started out as a yield farming platform. Initially, the platform wanted to strengthen the security of DeFi projects in the crypto space. However, as the platform continued to explore its options, PrivacySwap realized that security alone is not enough to sustain the users. Naturally, users want utility and more ways to earn.

PrivacySwap NFTs

The popularity of NFT is one of the reasons why PrivacySwap also started offering NFTs as its feature. PrivacySwap intends to make NFT available to its customers to boost the APR of their native farms. Their NFTs will be divided into three categories based on their costs and benefits. These “Genesis NFTs” are available in Privacy Silver, Privacy Gold, and Privacy Diamond.


PrivacySwap’s PrivacyCard is indeed the platform’s most notable feature. PrivacyCard is the first-ever debit card that is usable globally. The early access recipients and even the active investors in the community provided valuable feedback to the team with regard to the platform and the cards. These comments helped shape up the features and requirements of the cards.


PrivacySwap launched two new tokens during PrivacySwap 2.0. These tokens are called PRV2 and PRVG. PrivacySwap aimed to have a dual-token system that is why they release two tokens on PrivacySwap 2.0

Hackernet Ecosystem

Since PrivacySwap’s goal is to offer all the possible ways of earning to its users, the platform is also launching the Hackernet ecosystem. Aside from yield farming, games, trading, and referring, PrivacySwap saw freelancing on cybersecurity services as one of the great sources of income.

PrivacySwap DEX

The “Swap’ in PrivacySwap stands for the ability to trade tokens. PrivacySwap has always visualized to become a DEX since day one. Now, PrivacySwap DEX will soon come to life.


PrivacySwap carries several notable features worthy of investing. Aside from these that we mentioned, PrivacySwap will soon launch many more features that will surely benefit everyone. One of these features is the NFT game. We can’t go to the details yet as everything is still under construction. Nonetheless, we ensure to update everyone regarding all the new features we will be releasing.



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