PrivacySwap DEX is coming; here’s what we have on our plate

PrivacySwap DEX is coming; here’s what we have on our plate

We’ve given multiple updates these past few weeks. Our DEX is finally coming to life along with the PrivacyCard loading platform. So, here are the things we are currently working on and the stuff we still have on our plate.

The first part of our transition to PYDEX is the swapping of tokens. In this phrase, we encountered a small problem as we had already reached the max supply of the PRV2. So, our developers thought of a way to solve the problem.

At this moment (of writing), we’re already allowing users (who have staked in the PRV2-rewarding farms and pools) to withdraw their funds. Once withdrawn, our developers will distribute the rewards collected (in PRVG) to the affected individuals.

After doing so, we will proceed to the next step. For more information regarding the withdrawal process, read this announcement entitled “PrivacySwap Weekly Announcement is UP!


When it comes to the DEX update, we are almost finished with the technical and smart contract-related concerns. Nonetheless, we will again be announcing the final launch of our DEX.

We already shared the numbers regarding our tokenomics. Here are the numbers you might want to see if you missed them.

Swapping Period

Moreover, our swapping period will happen after the withdrawal process following the timeline.

From the initial announcement, users will still choose between a pegged price and a dollar-to-dollar exchange rate when we implement the contracts for the pre-PYDEX swap page.

Due to the concerns we saw and expected, we are pushing back the swapping date, and the final date will be shared once we are ready to release everything.


Aside from the reduced staking requirements, we also redesigned our PrivacyCard. Here are the new mock up designs of our PrivacyCards.

Artist’s rendition of the PrivacyCards. Designs might change without prior notice

We are also continuously testing the card-loading platform to ensure that every transaction will be smooth and flawless. If there are any new updates regarding Privacycard and its loading platform, we will share them right away with the community.

ICYMI: PrivacySwap’s How To: Avoiding airdrop scams

Further down the roadmap

We are continuously working on the other features we had on our roadmap. We are in talks with other projects for possible collaborations. With our LaunchPad, we continuously reach out and receive requests for project IDOs.

Moreover, our developers are also working on some other features on our roadmaps, such as the Hackernet MarketPlace, NFT games & collectibles, and more.

In addition, we continuously share PrivacySwap’s features through banner ads, influencers, collaborations, and more.


Despite the delays in our DEX, we are now almost ready to launch it. We acknowledge the delays, and we do apologize for the temporary setback. However, we opted to ensure the quality of the feature first rather than releasing it right away.

We work day and night to finalize everything we have on our plate so we can launch everything and start creating a better DeFi space for everyone!

Come and join us now!

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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