PrivacySwap debunks cryptocurrency myths, providing a realistic approach to blockchain technology

5 min readJul 20, 2021


With the rise of DeFi projects such as Axie Infinity, people became more interested in cryptocurrency and started asking questions about the volatility and vulnerability of the whole ecosystem. Both answers and myths also began to arise to satisfy the curious minds of the enthusiasts. Clearly, not all the responses and myths are correct. Since we here at PrivacySwap have the vision to enlighten people about the core of blockchain, we created this article to provide you a much more realistic visualization and a more precise approach to cryptocurrency.

Ever since cryptocurrency became a hot topic, many have shown a cynic approach to such an investment. Beginners, especially, hold back in engaging in such technology as they are unaware of where it should take them. Moreover, it has been debated if crypto should continuously operate regardless of the drawback it may give over the past few years. More so, not being regulated by any government entity added a valid suspicion to the platform. Nevertheless, the technology continuously thrived and has become one of today’s most powerful investment platforms.

The Expectation Versus Reality in the Crypto World

Beginners are still skeptical about the platform since real money is involved in such an investment. While there’s no denying the risks, here are some of the things that will change the way a beginner sees cryptocurrenc.y


Cryptocurrency is a digital payment mechanism that does not rely on banks for transaction verification. It’s a peer-to-peer system that allows anybody to make and receive money from anywhere. Cryptocurrency payments are digital additions to an online database that specify particular transactions rather than actual money carried around and traded in the real world. However, users will be using real money to purchase crypto.


Blockchain technologies that develop the platform do not require any government approval in order to operate. Thus, it leads to skepticism to some. Nonetheless, the platform’s end-to-end encryption provides security and is almost impossible to hack Moreover, any country’s downfall might not affect the price of a cryptocurrency.


The platform does not discriminate. Cryptocurrency allows anybody interested in investing in the platform. This idea attracts more aspirants, and it also helps them gradually build up their lives and strive for more in life.

The Market

Cryptocurrency investment is as thrilling as investing in the stock market. In addition, a beginner should prepare for volatility as not every day is a sunny day in the crypto space. Ups and downs are always present, and it happens to every single investment, not just to crypto.


Though the possibility is almost 0%, hackers still find ways to bypass security checks, resulting in losing all your investment. This, however, is nearly impossible, but there is no harm in being vigilant.

PrivacySwap embodied these aspects and used these stereotypes to create a platform that will provide better and secure crypto transactions. We offer a platform that binds fiat and cryptocurrency as we launch our PrivacyCard. Security is our utmost priority as we assure the privacy and confidentiality of every information we receive from our users to provide a safer transaction to anyone. At PrivacySwap, we also allow people from all walks of life, even the unbanked, to engage with us and gradually become financially independent. Ensuring the market movement is part of our daily task to provide peace of mind to our users. Forecasting future problems and preparing for the coming decline ensures that everyone will not lose their investment and has become a fraction of our philosophy.

More so, blockchain technology still has more hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. As for now, we encourage you to invest in a platform you studied first and a platform that showcases a strong credential-like us, PrivacySwap.

Things to Do in Crypto Space to Make it Profitable

Now that we know some fundamental things about crypto, it is also necessary to understand how a beginner can earn with cryptocurrency.


Buying crypto alone will make you profitable, especially if you bought the crypto at its lowest point. You can sell the cryptocurrency at its peak and buy again at its lowest. As simple as that! In addition, blockchain technology is developing a system that will give you rewards by holding cryptos into your wallets.

Online casinos

It is the process of betting and waiting for the draw. If your bet wins, you’ll gain a specific percentage of your bet. This is addictive and might only provide you a meager profit. Engaging with online casinos requires knowledge and background research to verify the legitimacy of the platform you will be engaging in.


Cryptocurrencies offer minimal capital to none at all. All you need to do is wait for your cryptos to “mine” on your devices, be it mobile phones or computers. You could withdraw the cryptos you mined in the future if you reached the minimum withdrawal amount.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is indeed one of the most profitable features blockchain technology has to offer. Yield farming is the process of staking your cryptos into applications in return for more cryptocurrency. Hence, it provides passive income to hodlers and, on the other hand, helps startups to begin their businesses. Yield farming is the same concept PrivacySwap follows. The technology aims to provide a much safer and secure transaction and rewards users for utilizing their system.

Referral System

Most platforms offer rewards to users whenever they refer someone to use the platform. In our case, when you successfully referred someone and allow them to stake using your unique link, PrivacySwap will reward you 1% of that referee’s daily harvest rewards. In other words, for each successful referral chain, you can earn 1 percent daily of harvest incentives. Be aware that some terms and conditions can be read on our official social media profiles.


In a nutshell, the blockchain technology movement is still uncertain, and new issues could arise every day. It is recommended to read informative articles and watch videos to help you know more about crypto spaces as a beginner. It is also advisable to participate in live webinars about cryptocurrency, primarily when discussions revolve around investments, minings, and yield farming. For instance, we at PrivacySwap offer FREE webinars about crypto space and help both veterans and beginners know more about the technology. You can attend by signing up for their event or visit them on the following websites to learn more.

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