PrivacySwap 2022 Roadmap: The road to a better DeFi

3 min readJan 28, 2022


Our DEX is nearing its launch. Despite unforeseen delays, this plan is still going strong and pushing through. And since we have entered a new year, we are going to lay down our 2022 roadmap to reiterate our long-term vision for this project and assure our members that we are in this for the long haul. This also highlights all the important quarters and features we are working on this year.

PrivacySwap envisions 2022 as a busy year for cryptocurrency. Thus, our roadmap is filled with competitive features waiting to be unveiled. Before we reveal our 2022 roadmap, here are some of our accomplishments during the last quarter of 2021.

✅ Successfully transitioned from PRV to PRV 2.0, our second layer where we introduced our two tokens: PRV2 and PRVG

✅Received Audits from Paladin for PRV 2.0, and currently working on audits for our DEX

✅Launched early-access beta program for PrivacyCards

✅Collaborated with crypto influencers

✅Published Press Releases to some of the most prestigious blog sites

✅ Launched banner ads on RugDoc and DAppRadar

✅Held AMAs with BSC and conducted our own AMAs and learning sessions

2021 is indeed a busy year for PrivacySwap, and so is 2022. Thus, here is our roadmap for 2022.


During this quarter, we are launching our highly anticipated DEX. Our users can now trade their tokens to all the supported tokens and coins using PrivacySwap DEX. Previously, users needed to use third-party platforms before staking the tokens on PrivacySwap. Now, everything can be done under one platform, significantly reducing transaction fees and process time.

Furthermore, the DEX will include the web3 crypto loading platform along with the official launch of PrivacyCards. PrivacySwap will be the first in the world to use a web3 crypto loading platform, which makes it one of our unique selling points. We will also have a major UI revamp this quarter to adapt to our DEX ecosystem.

Following these, our Launchpad will also be released during this quarter, which we call the PrivacyLaunchpad. Through PrivacyLaunchpad, we will accept quality DeFi projects to list their IDOs and NFT projects. Launchpad details are still a work in progress. We will be announcing all the important details once we finalize everything.

Lastly, we are also glad to announce that our Genesis NFT holders will enjoy early access to the future IDOs we will be having. You can be one of the users who can early access the IDOs by purchasing your NFT here.


After launching the Launchpad, we will work on releasing NFT-powered games. We expect to release the NFT games during the second quarter of 2022.

We know that NFT games gained so much recognition last year in 2021. So, we are thrilled to enter the NFT game world this year. Our amazing developers are closely working to build an enjoyable NFT game and gain amazing returns as rewards. We will be announcing all the important information once we examine and test the game properly.

Third and Fourth Quarter

We will be releasing new vaults during the third and fourth quarters of 2022. We are also launching Hackernet in the last quarter of this year. With our hackernet marketplace, new projects can hire highly curated freelancers who are experts in smart contracts auditing, and cybersecurity experts like white hats, and bug bounty. PYDEX holders will also receive a percentage for every transaction done under Hackernet Marketplace.

We will post more information regarding Hackernet Marketplace once the team has finalized everything.


These are just some highlights of all the features we will be releasing this year. We still have more updates happening this year, and our team will announce everything on our official social media accounts and websites. Nonetheless, our DEX is now nearing its launch, and we are thrilled to finish testing everything so we can finally launch it.

For now, engage with our community members and socialize with our PRVarmies on our official websites below.

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