PrivacySwap 2.0 playbook: DEX

PYDEX: The middle ground between DeFi and CeFi

What is DEX and why do we want one?

We always envision that the DeFi future would be to offer what everyone might need. In addition, we aim to uplift the already secured platform and to lessen the fees imposed in every transaction.

PrivacySwap DEX’s features and why you should choose it

PrivacySwap DEX embodies the same qualities as most DEXs. However, we have PrivacyCard that allows you to reload conveniently via MetaMask. Among other things, you can also use the debit card to cash out all the supported cryptocurrency in any supported ATM terminals.


PrivacySwap foresees 2022 as a great year for the crypto world as many people started to adapt to it. Thus, providing an ecosystem that will prevent these new investors from experiencing hassles on the DeFi space.



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