PrivacyCard giveaway| Join now and get a chance to win over $3000 worth of PrivacyCards|

PrivacySwap’s card loading platform is about to launch. With that, the team is holding another giveaway! Four cards are up for grabs: one silver metal card, and three premium black cards. To join, follow the mechanics below:

Step 1: Follow PrivacySwap on Twitter (

Step 2: Retweet the giveaway post ( and mention @PrivacySwap

Step 3: Go to telegram and join the PRV community

Step 4: Fill in the gleam form

The giveaway will run until 30th of June 2022. At the moment of writing there are already 450 entries. You are not yet late submit yours and be one of the lucky winners of over 3000 BUSD-worth of PrivacyCards

Moreover, just a little bit of an update, we are already close with the release of PrivacyCards along with the card loading platform. Follow us to know more updates:

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