PrivacyCard benefits you can’t say no to

PrivacyCards will soon be here, and the PrivacySwap team is bending over backward to ensure that everything will go according to the plan. For months now, the team has been going through every small detail that could go wrong, prepping for the worst-case scenario to make sure that the launching will sail smooth.

PrivacySwap is highlighting its PrivacyCards as it is the greatest utility that a crypto project could have, having a bridge from the digital world to have utility in the real world. With PrivacyCards, users will cut short the process of cashing out their earnings in crypto.

Typically, the process starts by signing up to an exchange that supports the token you invested. Then, when you wish to take profit (TF) or convert your crypto to fiat, you must first register your bank details, phone number, and even your email address before you can participate in the P2P Exchange, an exchange that lets you convert your crypto to your local currency. After entering your credentials for the P2P Exchange, you must now sell your stablecoin and wait for the seller to process it.

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From the looks of it, selling your crypto is a tedious process. With PrivacyCards, some extra steps are eliminated, as after loading your desired token on the card loading system, you are on the go are ready to swipe your card whenever, wherever.

PrivacyCards are all about convenience. Aside from this, the funds will not remain stagnant and will continue to grow even when you are not using them. Your crypto will continue to earn a competitive APR even if your card is sitting in the dust.
PrivacyCards also supports referral systems that cover not only those you referred but also their subsequent referrals. This means the earning potential using PrivacyCards is in three degrees, which is a big part of the user’s passive income.

Ways to use your PrivacyCards

PrivacyCards are the fastest way to exchange your crypto for cash. With a simple ATM, you can now access your crypto like never before. You can also use your PrivacyCard for your online purchases. With this, you can buy anything you want from the internet and just use your PrivacyCard like a regular debit card to pay for it.

PrivacyCards could also be used as a prepaid debit cards. This means that when you wish to send money to your loved ones, all you have to do is send your crypto to their PrivacyCards, and that is it. No extra charges, no hidden fees, and no intermediaries are needed.

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Learn more about the PrivacyCards, the pride of PrivacySwap, here:

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