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2 min readMay 25, 2022


In today’s day and age, everything can be done cashless. All you have to do is bring your debit cards, and you’re on the go! You can simply swipe in every store you like, and you can buy whatever you want, whenever, wherever.

With the booming industry of crypto, projects are finding ways through innovation on how crypto can be useful in the real world. With luck and patience, developers were able to load crypto to debit cards, and PrivacySwap is harnessing this technology to provide users a way to spend their PYDEX, the native token of PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange, like a regular fiat.

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PrivacyCards and its perks

PrivacyCards are all about convenience to users. With this coveted crypto debit card, users can simply load their PYDEX and supported BNB Chain tokens, and they are on the go!

They don’t need to worry about tedious transfers of their tokens from one platform to another to convert their crypto to fiat. All they have to do is to either swipe their cards like a regular traditional debit card, or go to the nearest ATM to withdraw money.

Unlike the traditional debit cards, owning a PrivacyCard is great for passive income. Aside from the competitive APRs provided by PrivacySwap (which can even be boosted up to 50% when users own Privacy Genesis NFTs and stake them), users can also earn rewards when they refer PrivacyCards with friends and family.

The referral rewards system is even in three tiers or three degrees of earning capabilities. This means that the rewards will not only come from those you referred but also from the referrals of those referred by those you referred.

How to get a PrivacyCard

To get one, all you need to do is stake PYDEX, the native token of PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange, and you are good to go. There will be four (4) new crypto debit cards that PrivacySwap will release. The following will be the staking requirements for each card:

Black Premium Tier, when you stake USD 200 worth of PYDEX

Black Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX

Silver Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX

Gold Metal Tier, when you stake USD 2,000 worth of PYDEX

So what are you waiting for? Reserve yours now and enjoy the benefits and perks it can offer that fit for your lifestyle!

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