October 8, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

It’s the time of the week!

A lot of exciting events happened over the cryptoverse and PRV is on everybody’s hooks! The Great Migration is getting hotter and hotter and we can’t wait for the PRVArmy to enjoy what we have in store for them. It’s been a week of rollercoaster rides and we are here to give you the latest news and trends of how PRV has been going.

Ready for the past week’s PRV performance? Here we go!

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Steady wins the race!

The PRV’s price has been steady for the past week and a slight increase has been observed. PRV Closed the week at $3.63 USD with $3.69 USD as its peak. Woohoo! PRV is now in a bullish season as its price is starting to increase which will eventually go to the moon!

There is still time to buy and hodl PRV! While the prices are still now, now is the best time to buy as there is assurance that its price will spike soon especially that The Great Migration is right around the corner! You know what they say, if it is still down, the only way is up!

We have seen a lot of crypto projects soar from a fairly lower price over its course, and one of them was Cardano ($ADA), the third largest cryptocurrency today by market cap. Cardano soared due to massive awareness campaigns, partnerships, and added services, among all. The PRV is doing the same thing! The PRV Team are collaborating with youtubers that have a massive audience and the team are continually developing services and projects to improve the whole ecosystem. This goes saying that PRV is on its way to reaching the moon, one step at a time!

PRV2, PRVG, and PrivacyCards

With the Great Migration nearly coming, so is the PRV2, PRVG, and PRVG staking for PrivacyCards! The PRVArmy are to expect that their PRV will be converted into PRV2 and PRVG at a pegged ratio (yep, two tokens instead of one!), where PRVG will serve as PRV’s governance token.

With this, the more PRV that you hold, the more PRV2 and PRVG you will have prior to its public sale! Those who had PRV in them will also have the first dibs to our PrivacyFarms using their new PRVG token and they will now also be able to stake their it for their PrivacyCards. Isnt it amazing?!

It really is a smart move for hodlers to buy more PRV before the Great Migration arrives. This is because aside from the fact that they will get two (2) tokens instead of one at a pegged ratio, they will also be able to try the services first with their new PRVG.

So PRV Army, let’s buy more and hoooodl it to the moon!

Preparations are being made!

The PRV Team and our developers are continuously making preparations for the upcoming Great Migration and we dedicate our hard work to the whole PRV Community! The whole team is working hand-in-hand to make sure that all will go smoothly when THE day comes! We are very excited for the PRVArmy to enjoy our upcoming services like never before, which will be here anytime soon!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! Always remember to buy more PRV as the Great Migration is nearly here! Don’t miss the opportunity to get first dibs of our PRV2 and PRVG token! Keep on hodling!

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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