October 29, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

3 min readOct 30, 2021


Another week, another exciting news!

Mark your calendars already as the Great Migration is about to get launched! Whohoo! The long wait is over, and we are here for it! As the hype is building of for the The Great Migration event, so is PRV’s token price! Wanna hear more about how PRV’s performance over the week? Here we go!

Here are PRV’s jam-packed highlights for this week! Let’s go!

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Rebounds, on!

We have always said that market corrections are temporary dips that you should look keenly, not because it’s a threat to your portfolio value, but because it’s an opportunity to buy more tokens at a much-discounted price!
PRV closed the week at USD 8.20, rebounded from a token price of USD 6.71 last week, an 18% increase!

Imagine if you bought an additional $1000 worth of PRV on your wallet last week, for this week alone, your portfolio would have increased by USD 181.70! And that’s just for a week’s profit! Imagine putting $10,000 worth of PRV more; your Lambo will become a reality in no time! Woohoo!

Missed the recent pump? Again?! Well, the cryptoverse is a rollercoaster, and there will surely be market corrections in the near future. From what we have observed for these past few weeks, PRV recovers well with its market dips. So what you need to do now is watch out for market corrections and buy more! And hodl it to the moon!

The Great Migration and PRV pump!

Ask a seasoned trader about how the token price pumps. They will always say platform listings, new project launches, and massive awareness campaigns are the key.

New platform listings

With new platform listings, a lot of people using that platform would be exposed to the token you are offering. Usually, the listing would pump so hard that it would form a nearly vertical green candlestick like the one below:

Shiba Inu listing price pump!

This was the time Shiba Inu was listed on Binance. On the part of PRV, the team is working extra hard with our partnerships to various platforms. This rests assured that PRV will soon be seen on major platforms, and that’s a promise from us! And once we promise, we deliver!

New project launches

Project launches mean more services to hodlers and investors. This would mean more people will be enticed to try and explore these services which we guarantee satisfaction.

With the Great Migration upcoming, we are planning to launch new projects, and there’s more to come! To view our new projects and existing ones, you can view them here.

Massive awareness campaigns

We are collaborating non-stop with YouTubers and other influencers to raise awareness for PRV. Currently, we are doing our best to engage in the PRV community, and day by day, we welcome more members as we grow strong and solid!

The team is bending over backward in giving free AMA sessions and reaching partnerships over the cryptoverse. This is also a promise that we will do our very best to grow the community and the PRV ecosystem.

There’s no more time to waste!

The Great Migration is nearly here, so is the token pegging! Make sure to buy more PRV now before THE day comes! Don’t miss the 1:1.1 token value ratio and maximize your portfolio! Buy more now, hodl, and see you at the moon!

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And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! Always remember that THE day is near, and the 1:1.1 token value ratio upon the migration is a one-time offer, so make sure not to miss it!

Stay tuned for more! See you next week.

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