October 15, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

See this week’s PRV highlights!

The Cryptoverse is getting wild but we are here to tell you about PRV! The Great Migration is nearly here and we are super excited for our PRVArmy of what is coming. It’s been a week of exciting events and we are here to update you of PRV’s hottest news and trends.

Are you ready for this week’s jam-packed PRV highlights? Let’s get it done!

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To the moon!

The PRV’s price continues to soar and we are here for it! Last week, PRV’s price sat steadily from $3.63 USD to $3.69 USD. But now, PRV closed the week at $6.71 USD, a whopping 83.6% increase over the week! Woohoo!

There seems to be no stopping PRV from going through the roof and that’s just the beginning! With the Great Migration coming very soon, a lot of hodlers and investors are buying in bulk in preparation for the new services to be offered by the PRV 2.0 ecosystem.

Missed the recent pump? Don’t you fret! There’s nothing to worry about as there’s still time. The Great Migration is still to come and the PRV token price is still rising. With this, you can still ride the trend to the moon! You can buy more here and let us hodl together as a strong PRV community!

Just keep on hodling, Dory style!

If you ask a seasoned trader any tips about trading crypto, his first advice will be to keep on hodling! A lot of traders usually fret when the price goes down thinking that it’ll no longer recover, but that’s actually not the case.

From time to time, cryptocurrencies experience surges in price due to high trading volumes. But once the trading volume subsides, the market correction now kicks in. Neophyte traders in this phase, after seeing red in his portfolio, panic sells and incurs losses. However, after a week or so as the market recovers, he then regrets selling it as the market now rebounds to its original high price and even establishes a new ATH.

So keep on hodling! That’s the best way to earn more. There’s nothing to worry about market swings as these are normal and occur from time to time. There are a lot of factors that could affect a cryptocurrency’s price, but one thing is for sure, there is an established trend. At the end of the day, that trend will always be up!

So when there is a market dip, one must not be sad about it. Instead, one must be happy because that is an opportunity to buy more and earn more when it bounces back. A lot of veteran traders do this and we cant help but admire them for that.

We are getting ready!

The PRV team are bending over backwards for the upcoming event and we cannot express our excitement enough for the PRVArmy to try all that we have in store for them. The PRV team is working non-stop, constantly brainstorming new ways to serve the PRV community, and making sure that all are perfect and in place when THE day comes!

Regardless of how busy the PRV Team are for the upcoming Great Migration, the team still plans to conduct an AMA session for the PRVArmy on Monday, 18 October 2021 at 9:30 PM. That’s how dedicated the PRV Team is to its PRV community!

The link to join the event is here. While the event is ongoing on Zoom, it will be simultaneously streamed on PRV’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. See you there!

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And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! Always remember that it’s not yet late to buy more PRV before the Great Migration, buy more and join us in hodling to the moon!

Stay tuned for more! See you next week.

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