October 01, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

It’s another week, it’s another PRV Performance Update.

For the past week, the happenings in the cryptoverse has been wild and we are here to deliver you exciting news for PRV’s upcoming events and surprises. We couldn’t stress anymore how excited we are with PRV’s upcoming The Great Migration event but for now, as we patiently wait for that day to come, we give you our latest updates for PRV.

Ready for PRV’s performance for the past week? Let’s get it done!

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And we soar!

Market corrections are normal, it happens to every token in the cryptoverse. There’s nothing to worry about if your token value fluctuates from time to time, it’s simply part and parcel of the process. When you have DYOR, you have probably heard about bearish and bullish seasons, and with that you can infer that these happen normally in an ever volatile cryptoverse.

There is an end to this season and sooner or later your patience will eventually pay off! And guess what? Those who bought the dip last week had an increase of 15.8%!Woohoo! PRV closed the week at $3.61 USD as it recovered from the week’s lowest point of $2.80 USD last September 26, 2021. Crazy right!? So for those who took the opportunity to buy the dip like what we have advised in our Token Weekly Recap last week, they sure are up for a treat!

Missed the opportunity to buy the dip? Don’t you worry! It’s not yet too late! The PRV Team is bending over backwards to provide more services for people to enjoy, so expect that the price will continue to pump as more and more people will adapt to the PRV ecosystem. We promise you that!

Busy as a bee!

The PRV Team are busy as a bee as The Great Migration are getting closer. We are all preparing for press release articles, for the questions and clarifications for the upcoming PRV. 2.0 by the PRVArmy, and for the public release of PrivacyCards, among all.

The PRV Team are all working together to give the services we have in store for the PRVArmy. Aside from that, we also have an upcoming AMA session on Clubhouse for you on October 6, 2021, an event you’ll surely enjoy! You can watch it here. See you there!

It’s almost here!

The Great Migration is near and we can’t stress this enough how excited we are to finally announce it! So far, the PRV team is working round-the-clock for the launch of PRV 2.0 and PrivacyCards. We are making sure that everything is perfect before the big day and we sure are proud of what we have done so far!

There’s a lot to uncover for this Great Migration and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it. But for now, let’s hodl together, buy more PRV while the migration is still on the way, and wait for the ride to the moon!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! See you for next week’s PRV Token Weekly Recap and remember, keep on hodling!

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