July 22, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

2 min readJul 22, 2021


Our trip to the moon is not guaranteed to be smooth sailing; but its guaranteed to be 100% fun!

PrivacySwap has treaded waters for the past week yet still emerged strong as ever!

When PRV hit $13.7 last Thursday, everyone was looking forward to a bullish week. However, the price dropped to $12.7 on Friday, and maintained status quo for about three days. The PRVArmy held their breath far too long, only to be surprised by a dip this past Tuesday when PRV went low at $7.6.

Even if the whole market screams red for these past couple of days, the PRVArmy is not quick to lose heart.

Inside our Telegram channel, hodlers rallied and agreed to buy PRV tokens to give it a little bump. And it proved successful! PRV closed off yesterday at $8.6, producing that green candle on our chart!

What a good sight

This is a reminder of how resilient we are in PrivacySwap. Everyone has exactly the same mind-set: that we are all in it for the long haul. This is not your typical crypto investment where you just simply buy, earn, and collect.

At PrivacySwap, the PRVArmy is not just our stakers, developers, and hodlers. They are our partners and confidantes; whom we trust to be with us on our ups, and likewise to support us on our downs.

As a form of giving back, we are in constant development of exciting features and programs such as the PrivacyCards, PrivacyMixer, and PrivacyGames (no spoilers)! Once launched, these are expected to change the dynamics of the ecosystem, and of course shoot the PRV price to the top!

Our trip to the moon is not guaranteed to be smooth sailing; there will be a few bumps here and there, but if you stick around, you’ll realize that this is the best ride you’ll ever have!

Stay tuned every Thursday night for a weekly PRV Token Recap.




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