Joining the PRVArmy: Welcome to PrivacySwap, PRVate!

It’s time to officially enlist in the PRVArmy community (Telegram)!

After seven weekly sessions of educational content, you are now nearing the end of Joining the PRVArmy series! 👏🥳 Last episode, we learned how to start farming and earning rewards that serves as your merits in the PrivacySwap ecosystem.

Staking LP Tokens in PrivacyFarms🚜 and single asset PrivacyPools🏊? It should be a piece of cake with you by now!

And while we still have one article left to be published next week, we dub thee “PRVate” as of today. The only thing left to do is to finally enlist in our PRVArmy Telegram channel, PrivacySwap’s official community hub of hodlers, stakers, and crypto enthusiasts; and of course, to keep up with our updates and posts via our awesome social media accounts!

Meet your imaginary friends

The PRVArmy’s telegram channel is the: PrivacySwap Official. Currently, it is 4,213 members strong; has 1,521 photos, 78 videos, and 714 gifs. Isn’t it obvious how we are expressive when it comes to messages?! 🤔

All of these stats in less than a year of existence! Now who can’t say that the community is still expected to grow more, right?

The channel welcomes all PRVates to participate in group discussions, polls, random banters, and even meme exchanges. The topic can extend from serious crypto/project discourse to funny and nonsensical japes and stories. Really, we are that random!

Craving for human attention?

Currently, there are four PrivacySwap team members who provide administrative support within the channel:

  1. @Mr. DJ;
  2. @Mr. D;
  3. @Mr. L; and
  4. @Ms. P

These anonymous “creatures” are the perfect addition to your collection of imaginary friends! On a plus side, together with @PRVAdmin they regularly provide you with updates, announcements, and solicit feedback to further improve the whole project. Oh, and remember that they do not have any sort of “moderator immunity” against your burning roasts and banter; they are 100% human and very much responsive so feel free to interact naturally!

(Just don’t mention this to Rose, PRV’s chat bot- beep boop beep boop.. 🤖)


Don’t deal with anyone else claiming to be an admin or helper. If you are unsure, you may check with the PRV team by tagging either one of the above four official admins.

DO NOT ever enter your seed phrases anywhere. DO NOT ever share them with anyone.

Admins would never send private messages, no matter how beautiful or handsome your (dummy) profile pictures are!! Beware of scams! 🚨🚨🚨

No time for drama? We gotchu fam!

If you are more on the introverted spectrum but are still pretty much interested in the current trends and hottest news in the PRVArmy, we suggest that you join our specific channel for highlighted announcements: PrivacySwap Announcements!

Here you will get ALL our announcements and updates in one place, minus the lengthy backreading (and sadly minus the fun 😔).

Be one of our hall-of-famers!

We have also been dedicating a weekly staple article for our beloved PRVArmy for weeks, entitled PRV for Your Thoughts! This blog post features curated highlights of our weekly interactions in the official PrivacySwap Telegram.

Quip a witty remark, post a funny meme, or just comment anything, really- (surprise us! 😉) and you might just end up getting immortalized in our Saturday article piece.

We can be serious! (sometimes)

Finally, what set us apart from most defi projects is how we strive to educate our PRVArmy through periodic study sesh, called DeFi Class wherein we tackle anything crypto-related as well as some discussions on the state of PRV project in general.

Here, you can express your concerns, reactions, feedback, and other burning questions to the PrivacySwap Core Team, no holds barred!

Get educated, get informed.

Ready for a wild ride, soldier?

To end, while we bunk strongly on our project’s well-crafted roadmap, we believe that it is the PRVArmy’s unwavering support that makes the PrivacySwap defi project survive. In this wild and non-forgiving universe of cryptocurrency, those projects that are not backed by a firm community of like-minded individuals are bound to collapse long before they even reach their full potential.

And while there is still a long road ahead of us, no journey is difficult so long as we have the PRVArmy on our side- and now, you too! Together, we are about to embark on an epic ride, so be prepared to find yourself cruising among the stars as we hodl to the moon!

That wraps up this week’s article! Congratulations on (almost) finishing this course PRVate (just 1 more lesson next week!) 🥳

Welcome to the PRVArmy: now, the license to earn is officially yours!



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