Joining the PRVArmy: Series Introduction

2 min readJul 14, 2021


Onward as we hodl to the moon!

We were sitting here and thinking how big-of-a-success the recently launched PrivacySwap Referral System was. And then it dawned on us, with the influx of new PRV enthusiasts, or as we would like to call them PRVArmy neophytes, how do we make their PRV journey extra fun and extra easy?

Well, here we are. We are dedicating a Series especially designed for our new stakers: Joining the PRVArmy. Educational contents are to be published every Wednesday on our blog sites and across our PrivacySwap social media accounts (links below!). The idea is to provide fundamental information on how the PRV world works around. Mass adoption? We got you!

Starting. Swapping. Staking. The things we do, and the things we’ve done.

It is our goal to equip our new crew members with sufficient knowledge as they take on the non-forgiving yet high-rewarding universe of crypto. With emphasis of course, to the PrivacySwap’s awesome domain.

The general overview of the project topics is as follows:

  • Crypto Wallet
  • Starting Capital
  • PRV Swapping
  • LP Token Procurement
  • Redemption / Reinvestment
  • PRVArmy Community
  • Others

We won’t reveal much so as not to spoil the fun. These articles are to be tagged for easier back-referencing- whether you are a new recruit of the PRVArmy, or a veteran who would just like to sharpen your mind. For next Wednesday, we’ll begin with an introduction to the Crypto Wallet, how it works and how you get one.

So for those readers who are yet to explore PrivacySwap, get your war-face on as we train you to be a full-fledged PRVArmy and before you earn a seat on the trip to the moon.

We promise you, it will be one heck of a ride!

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