Joining the PRVArmy: Lock & Load Your PRVs!

3 min readAug 4, 2021


Swapping is just as easy as saying P-R-V!

Got your war-face on? This is where the real fun begins!

In this episode of Joining the PRVArmy, you will be learning on how to finally obtain those valuable PRVs. All hands on deck as we provide you with step by step instructions how to “swap” for PRV tokens, a handy skill that you need to master to climb the ranks of PrivacySwap.

Quick review

For the past three episodes, we trained you on the basics of trading in the cyptosphere: obtaining a crypto wallet and connecting the appropriate networks. Specifically, we recommended that you procure MetaMask as your crypto token magazine

Just last week, we did a mission briefing protocol before heading out to battle by connecting the Binance and PrivacySwap networks to your MetaMask wallet. And while we do not have an aptitude test for this, we highly suggest that you master the basics.

So, now that you have all the networks connected, it is about time to lock and load those PRVs!

Swap for PRV tokens and begin your PRV journey!

Swapping for PRV

Swapping would be your first step everytime you want to boost your artillery. By accumulating native tokens, which is the PRV, you will be able to participate inside PrivacySwaps awesome domain of features; PrivacyFarm and PrivacyPools, to name a few.

Now, how do you swap?

For visual learners, we actually have a video for this which you can check out on our YouTube channel (don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!). But for manual guidelines, read on:

What you Need:



PRV Token Smart Contract Address: 0x7762a14082ab475c06d3868b385e46ae27017231

Step 1: Head Over to Trade -> Exchange and Connect Wallet

Step 2: Select “MetaMask”.

Step 3: “Select Currency” allows you to add the token you wish to swap for.

Step 4: Enter the PRV Contract Address in the “Select a token” field. The contract address is 0x7762a14082ab475c06d3868b385e46ae27017231

Still with us? You better be!

Step 5: Once PRV has been added, you may choose to swap by entering how much BNB you wish to swap or how much PRV you wish to get. The exchange rate is automatically calculated by the liquidity pool. After you are satisfied with the amount, hit “Swap” to proceed.

Step 6: Take a look at the confirmation page. It tells you the price, the amount you will minimally receive (due to slippage), price impact (how much your trade affects the price) and the fees paid to the LPs. “Confirm Swap” once you are satisfied.

Step 7: Confirm the transaction in MetaMask by hitting the “Confirm” button. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on BscScan, your swap is complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully swapped for PRV!

And now that you have your PRV tokens, you are now an official member of the PRVArmy! 🥳 You may begin to participate in the most awesome defi ecosystem in the crypto world! Maximize your earnings alongside fellow investors, hodlers, and crypto enthusiasts as you go along your PRV journey!

That’s it for today’s short but sweet episode. We will take a series break next Wednesday by shelving the next PRV lesson, and publishing an article on the most common terms, slangs, and jargons used in the cryptoverse and PRV community instead.

Be sure to catch us next week, PRVate!




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