Joining the PRVArmy: Connecting Networks, Mission Briefing Protocol

Are all PRVates reporting for duty? Good.

Last week’s episode, we introduced you to the wonders of cryptoverse by starting off with the overview of crypto wallet: its concept and how to get one. Now that you have a license to earn, we will do a mission briefing before heading out to battle!

Get your left-brains ready as we discuss technical and procedural matters on how to connect the Binance and PrivacySwap networks to your MetaMask wallet!

  1. Adding and Connecting to the Binance Smart Chain

MetaMask supports the Ethereum network and all its testnets. At the same time, it supports Binance Smart Chain. However, you cannot directly access it from the network drop down menu, so you have to follow this guide.

But first, what exactly is the Binance smart chain?

It is a dual-chain architecture that empowers its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other. And as you may have recalled from our previous discussion, PrivacySwap is a yield farming ecosystem running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Now how do you add and connect the Binance smart chain to your Metamask wallet? Simply follow these steps!

Step 1: Open up your MetaMask extension by clicking on the fox head.

Step 2: Select the network selector to bring up its drop down menu. Select “Custom RPC”.

Step 3: Key in the details of the Binance Smart Chain. Details can be found in the Binance Academy article linked here. Select “Save” when done.

Step 4: You may now select Binance Smart Chain from the network selector menu.

Congratulations! You have added the Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask! 🥳

You now have MetaMask, your wallet set up and connected to the Binance Smart Chain network. Now you need to get some BUSD or BNB from Binance into your MetaMask. To do that, you would need to connect your wallet to PrivacySwap!

2. Connecting to And Using PrivacySwap

Step 1: Open the MetaMask window by clicking on the MetaMask logo at your extensions bar.

Step 2: Click on “Connect”

Step 3: Select “MetaMask”.

Step 4: When prompted to connect with MetaMask, select the address you wish to connect with, and click “Next.” “Connect” in the following window to confirm.

Step 5: Confirm you have connected by noticing that your address appears at the top right in place of the “Connect” button from before.

Very good, private! You have now connected your MetaMask wallet with PrivacySwap. You may now proceed to swap and/or provide liquidity and start farming PRV. 🥳

3. Adding PRV To MetaMask

You swapped for some PRV, but you don’t see it in your wallet. Don’t panic! Here’s how you add it to MetaMask so you’ll be able to see them.

Step 1: Open your MetaMask extension and click on “Add Token”.

Step 2: Select “Custom Token” then input PRV Smart Contract Address in the “Token Contract Address” field.

  • The “Token Symbol” and “Decimals of Precision” automatically populates.
  • PRV Smart Contract Address is: 0x7762a14082ab475c06d3868b385e46ae27017231.
  • Once done, select “Next” and “Add Token” in the next window.

Congratulations! You have added PRV Token to your MetaMask wallet. 🥳

Connecting the proper networks over three major achievements in one day, wow you really are on a roll!

Now that you have the mission briefing, we will go over the PrivacySwap UI/UX interface next week, to get you familiarized with the battlefield. So get your game face on and stay tuned on this series as we get you GEARED UP and PUMPED UP before staking those PRVs!



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