Introducing the PrivacySwap DEX platform!

The new platform for PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange is live, and it’s a fresh look from the old platform. Its general feel leans on a much more user-friendly look with a sleek and clean design and a color palette that is easy on the eyes.

The PRV Team is excited for the users to finally use the website as it is the official portal for them to get the most out of a DEX.

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This platform will house the PYDEX Swap utility, Farm and Pools, the PrivacyCard loading window, the Privacy LaunchPad, and more. It has similarities to the old platform, but this time, the qualities of a Decentralized Exchange are present, a more powerful platform than the other.

The platform is easy to navigate. At the upper right corner, you will directly see the wallet button where you can connect your Metamask wallet to store your PYDEX, the native token of the PrivacySwap DEX, or any other token that is already supported by the platform.

On the left of the platform, the users will be able to see a panel that houses the DEX’s utilities. At first glance of this left intuitive left panel, users can readily see what the DEX has to offer without any difficulty.

The left panel also has a real-time price indicator for the PYDEX token, conveniently showing how the price is going in every minute of every day. With this said, any trader does not need to go to any trading platforms just to see how the market is going. By simply going to the platform, they can readily see the price of PYDEX.

Moreover, by scrolling down the platform’s homepage, users can easily stake their PYDEX tokens and other supported ones. Upon clicking the “Stake LP,” they will be redirected to the Pools and Farms panel of the PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange.

A new beginning!

A new beginning is dawning upon PrivacySwap as it ventures to become a DEX. This is just the start of something that the community will enjoy and grow with. It’s something to be proud of.

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