Important Announcement: The Great Migration postponed by 1 week

3 min readOct 31, 2021


Dearest PRVarmy,

This is going to be a long message, but please bear with us. We have got some good news and some bad news.

Please hear us out though.

Our smart contracts have always been booked to be with Paladin and working with Paladin has been nothing but a positive experience. Unfortunately, there have been some risk issues with our smart contracts discovered by Paladin during the audit, and Paladin has advised against rushing to launch. We absolutely agree with this. Over the journey of PRV, we have grown a lot. We believe that if there was one thing we would have done differently, it was to have our contracts audited BEFORE launch.

Our initial audit was not ideal, and now that we are moving on to PRV2, we want to get everything done right. At no point in PRV2 will we never want to expose our users to unnecessary vulnerabilities — especially high-risk ones.

We will NO LONGER be opening the swap for PRV to Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG tomorrow. Neither are we stopping the farm emissions on 31 Oct 2021 at 11:59 PM GMT+8. Instead, here is what is going to happen.

We will hereby be delaying PRV2’s launch by a whole one week (7 days). So here is the new timeline:

- PRV farm emissions will stop on 7 November 2021. 11:59 PM GMT+8.

- PRV -> Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG swap will begin on 8 November 2021. 12:00 AM GMT+8.

- PRV -> Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG swap will end on 12 November 2021. 2359hrs GMT+8.

- BUSD Presale for Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG will begin on 13 November 2021. 11:59 PM GMT+8.

- BUSD Presale for Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG will end on 14 November 2021. 11:59 PMGMT+8 or when sold out.

- PRV2 and PRVG liquidity will be added on 15 November 2021. ~12:30 AM GMT+8.

- Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG -> PRV2 + PRVG swap will begin on 15 November 2021 12:30 AM GMT+8 for everyone.

- All of the PRV2 Farms will begin emissions on 18 November 2021 at 12:00 AM GMT+8.

We understand that there may be some disappointment in light of this news. We sincerely apologize for that. We hope that you, our community, understand that the only reason this is being done is just so we can ensure that our smart contracts are 100% safe, secure, and audited with a Paladin stamp of approval. We never want to face a situation where our users lose any money due to exploits or hacks, and the audit is a crucial piece in ensuring that.

From now until our launch, we will be working very closely and over time, with our Paladin auditors, to iron out every single kink in the shortest amount of time possible. Moreover, we will also be releasing the finalized tokenomics for PRV2 and PRVG tomorrow, 1 November 2021, in an easy-to-read and understood format.

Furthermore, tokenomics has changed SLIGHTLY due to the increase of emissions and market cap since we are extending the current PRV emissions by one week. This has a VERY minimal impact on tokenomics, but we will still put it out there in the interest of transparency and accountability. As this gives us an additional week of time, we will also continue on marketing as well, so that does not stop.

Thank you for your continuous support and understanding. We are doing everything we can and will continue to do so. Please do reach out to us should you need to ask any questions.


PrivacySwap Team.

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