How to: Patiently wait amidst market dips!

3 min readDec 25, 2021
Hodl amidst the dips!

While it can be very intimidating to see the market turn red, there’s actually no need to worry about it. Provided that you DYOR the crypto project before investing in it, market dips are typical, and they are here to stay.

We are all waiting the day to come for the market price to go to the moon, but the path there is not a straight line; it’s endless fluctuations that could either worry us or make us glad, depending on our view with how the market plays out. With this in mind, how could you patiently wait for the prices to touch the moon? Luckily, we’re here to give you reminders to cope with market dips while hodling your crypto assets.

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Reminder #1: Market dips are temporary

When the market is in the bear season, we must never forget that the market always bounces back through time. Your money is not lost or diminished as long as you did not prematurely sell your hodlings at a considerably low price. With this, there is nothing to worry about losing money as losses on your portfolio due to the market dip as it will recover and continue its way to the moon in no time.

Reminder #2: The end goal is only up

Why should we worry about something that is destined to go up? That’s right. Provided that you have done your research about the crypto project you invested your money with, there’s nothing to worry about nothing.

Like every other successful crypto project we see on the market, although it took some time to reach such a feat, the fact that matters is that it will reach the moon that everyone has been waiting for. With this, no matter how many fluctuations the market may have, considering that the only way is up, there is nothing to worry about it having detours.

Reminder #3: Fluctuations are normal

Fluctuations only mean that the market is active and alive. The more activity it has, the better it performs. So we must be thankful that there are market dips and any fluctuations that we can see in our charts are a good indicator that the project is promising.

Reminder #4: Hodling is the right way to do

Like Changpeng Zhao said, if you cannot hodl, you’ll never be rich. This is a reminder for us that we must “hold on for dear life” no matter how the market plays out. Whether the market had a major dip for months or not, we must never falter and make sure that our hodlings make it until the price goes to the moon.


Market dips are not a concern but should instead be taken as an opportunity. With them, you could add to your stash using lesser resources, or you could add to your portfolio a token that you have missed to buy at a lower price and believe that it has potential in the future.

While it can be intimidating to see our portfolio turn red from time to time, let’s always remind ourselves that they are normal and they are here to stay.

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