How PrivacyCards partnership can help boost projects and provide utility to users

We always aim to reach out to other platforms for partnerships. This is to ensure that we also reach all interested crypto investors, hype up our platform, and provide more utility to our token. Now, we want to do the same for other platforms, existing or new ones. We want to ensure that we can expand the utility of your tokens for your users–through PrivacyCards.

PrivacyCard: An overview

When we initially created PrivacySwap, we already had the answer to your question “how can we withdraw our funds?” We are aware of cryptocurrency’s volatility, and we know how sceptical newbie investors are. To eliminate that scepticism, we thought of a way to allow people to use their funds freely, hence we thought of a debit card.

Our initial approach to PrivacyCard is to become cold storage of cryptocurrency that is usable anywhere in the world. When we had the PrivacyCards on our roadmap, we initially considered putting tokens that are existing in the market– such as BTC, ETH, and BNB, among others. We also decided to drastically cut the staking requirements to ensure that more people will come in.

However, we realized that the only way for us to share PrivacyCards’ amazing feature globally is to reach out to all the platforms we can reach. But that’s not an easy task. Thus, we open PrivacyCards Partnerships.

How can this partnership help boost other projects?

Imagine owning a dollar in a country that uses pesos. It will be useless unless you look for the nearest foreign exchange shop. However, the demand for such business is not as high as the demand for a fast-food chain, thus the shops are not as many. Your last resort is to use a debit or a credit card. In the realm of crypto, we aspire to be that last resort for users, with the solution to this similar problem. We want to allow users to use their crypto as dollars wherever they may be in the world.

As for the projects we seek to work with, we want to provide more utility to their tokens. We want to allow their users to use our cards so they can utilize the partner tokens the way they want to. Our goal is to ensure the partner tokens hodled by the project’s users will remain usable despite unpredictable circumstances. Imagine the usability of a conventional debit card, but make it crypto.

For interested projects who are keen to boost their tokenomics through a partnership with us, contact us at

To learn more about PrivacyCards and how projects and users can benefit, view the deck here:


Before we finally release our PrivacyCards, let us just recall some important notes on our PrivacyCard. We still have a staking requirement before you can buy a card. They are as follows.

200 USD worth of PYDEX for the Black Premium Cards

1000 USD worth of PYDEX for the Black Metal Cards

1000 USD worth of PYDEX for the Silver Metal Cards

2000 USD worth of PYDEX for the Gold Metal Cards

These staking requirements will be locked into our card-specific pools for 6 months, but our smart contract will give it back to you when the pools open. Once you stake the required amount, remember that you still need to purchase the card.

Lastly, you can utilize our PrivacyOracle which is powered by the amazing technology of web3.0. It will secure all your funds and is accessible anytime and anywhere.

We are also excited to announce the new design of our cards. Know all of these updates, only at PrivacySwap.

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