Haven’t minted your own yet? PRV’s NFT is live!

Mint yours now!

As promised, the Great Migration will be a wild one! The price pegging, the token swap, the presale (which sold out for 5 minutes!), and now, the most anticipated NFT minting comes to PrivacySwap!

Our very own NFT is not just like any other NFTs; it comes with privileges for those PRVArmy who hodls it. So buy more now as it’s a limited edition, or you might miss out on your very own freshly minted NFT that’s one of a kind! The sale has already started, and we can assure you, it’s a good one!

PRV NFT parameters

PRV not only has one but three types of PRV you could choose from! We have Silver, Gold, and of course, Diamond. For each type, only 500 NFTs will be minted! Imagine having a gallery of limited editions of it; that would be awesome!

Aside from owning a great asset to hodl, you will also acquire bragging rights over having multiple limited editions. You could show it throughout the world and still earn from them! How? Only on PrivacySwap!

The public minting starts today and will end when the whole 1,500 PRV NFTs are sold out. But don’t you be complacent! Remember the token presale that began on November 13, 2021? The 132,000,000 and 14,850,000 token allocations for both (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG, respectively, sold out in just 5 minutes! It sold out while others were still preparing their very own Metamask wallet, and they weren’t able to participate. Imagine having only 1,500 NFT with an ever-competitive PRVArmy. So mint your own now!

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Privileges you can’t say no to

If you are a hodler of PRV NFT, a lot of doors will surely open for you! You’ll have priority access to future projects of PrivacySwap! You’ll have access to new features, exclusive giveaways/airdrops, games, other NFTS, any whitelisting activities, and so much more! Aside from that, you can stake your NFTs, which could earn up to an additional 50% APR! That’s wild!

When you stake your Silver NFT, you will have an additional 10% APR. When you stake your Gold NFT, you will have an additional 20% APR, and when you stake your Diamond NFT, you will have an additional 50% APR! Whopping, isn’t it? Imagine having a turbo for your car; that’s what’s happening with PRV NFT. Once you bought an NFT and staked it, your farm and pool earnings or rewards will be boosted up to 50%!

So what are you waiting for? Minting an NFT is the best decision to have now! Imagine boosting your pool and farm rewards for 50% APR! And it’s for life! Woohoo! Mint now and hurry!

The importance of keeping your keys safe!

Any hodler of Metamak wallets must know how important their keys are. If it goes public, you could actually lose every PRV, and NFT you have. That’s why Mr. L reminded everybody of the key points to remember so that no PRVArmy member will fall victim to a scam:

1. Never enter your seed phrase to access a website no matter what;

2. Never try to sell, trade, trade, or interact with a token you randomly receive;

3. Always make sure you keep your seed phrase offline, never on your phone or computer;

4. Never try to connect your wallet to a site you are unsure of; and

5. Always make sure you are at the correct site.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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