Getting a PrivacyCard is now made much easier with only a few clicks

As PrivacySwap continuously aims to provide a seamless transaction for crypto users, it also aims to offer a more convenient service. To this end, PrivacySwap developed the PrivacyCard platform to make it easier to purchase and use.

The Development of PrivacyCard

When the idea was formed, the team only thought of providing a way to reduce the withdrawal process. However, as we progressed, we realized that we need to do more than just that. For instance, when we received multiple concerns regarding the initial higher staking requirements, we evaluated the situation and lowered the staking requirements to the current amount.

We have also undergone multiple beta testing in order to ensure that the card will run smoothly. We understand that the release date of the Privacycards has been pushed back a few times. However, we cannot disregard the quality and ease of use of the platform. Note that these backend tweaks are a result of constructive feedback coming from partner projects, current users, and even the team members themselves.

Along the process, we discovered a few things we can upgrade on our PrivacyCards and platform. For example, we are currently in the process of rendering a new card design. In addition, there is more token support compared to what was disclosed during the initial announcement. The PrivacyCard partnership is also now open which allows more tokens to come into the platform.

The Staking Process

Moreover, we also thought of a way for users to easily stake and purchase the cards, especially those coming from our partner projects. This is now possible with only a few clicks.

First, you need to have enough balance (on your metamask) in order to purchase the card. For your reference, here is the required amount to stake in each card. Remember that these amounts are their PYDEX equivalent.

Black Premium card you need at least 200USD

1000 USD for Black and Silver Metal Series

2000 USD for Gold Metal Series.

After loading your MetaMask wallet, you just need to go to the designated card purchasing platform that is powered by web3.0. Then, you will need to select whichever card you like, then fill out the necessary information so the card can be delivered to your elected address. That’s it.

How about the staked amount? It will go to our smart contracts and will be locked for six months. The smart contract will return your tokens after the locked time period. Of course, since it was staked, you will be receiving a percentage of the stake amount.

Then that’s it! No need to manually transfer your tokens from Metamask to PrivacyCard loading platform.


PrivacySwap is continuously seeking to upgrade and develop the ecosystem. We are all about providing the best and the most flexible platform. We are so excited as we step closer to our PrivacyCard launch.

Don’t forget about the DEX, we are still closely working on improving that, it’s UI along with all the other features we cannot wait to release.

We want to give you more, so learn more about us now!

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