September 25, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

The cryptoverse has had a lot of happenings over the past week and we are here to tell you how excited we are over PRV’s upcoming events. And guess what? We have some news for you! As PRV is about to soar the remote galaxies to new heights with its upcoming The Great Migration, we give you updates as we get near to THE date! Woohoo!

PRV’s performance for the past week you ask? Here we go!!

Market correction? We are not bothered!

As we told in our previous weekly recap, market corrections are just an opportunity to buy more tokens to hodl! Imagine buying more tokens with a much lower price? Yep! You got it! It’s an opportunity of a lifetime before it sooooaaaarss up to the most distant galaxy!

PRV closed the week at $2.94 USD with a trading volume of $43,484.00. Well, although last week the price was $3.05 USD, although that’s a decrease from previous week’s performance, we can infer that the market correction is slowing down. With this, knowing that the only way is up, we are as excited as you are when that time comes!

And like what we always say, just keep on hodling! The smartest move in dealing with any cryptocurrency is to buy it at a decent price (especially if there is a market correction) and wait for it to reach the most remote galaxies beyond! Because in the cryptoverse, those who wait are the ones who will be blessed. So come on, buy now, sell later, and reap its rewards!

PRV Cards received! Hooray!

And we have liftoff! The PRV Cards that we promised to deliver? Well, those who got first dibs already have their cards and they are ready to use! And they are flexing it in the PRVArmy Telegram Group! Waaah!

Just Flexing my new PrivacyCard!

Envy for those who already got their cards as we are? Well, don’t you fret! We will soon open the debit card application to the public and we are really close to finishing the PrivacyCard landing page.

Just a little more wait and the PrivacyCards will go public!

So, let us be patient a little longer as the team are bending their backs forwards just for us to get the cards we’ve been longing to hold!

PrivacySwap’s 8th DeFi Class

We have just conducted our FREE, yep you’ve read it right, free DeFI class last September 22, 2021. In this webinar, the team decided to cover the upcoming PRV 2.0, the long anticipated PrivacyCards that some already have, and the DEX.The Webinar was entitled.

The webinar ended amazingly and the participants actively participated as they raised their questions and sentiments over PRV where our team open-heartedly accepted and answered.

Missed the webinar? There’s nothing to worry. You can watch it here! “The Hodlers Guide to Earning Money in Crypto.”

Right around the corner!

The Great Migration is right around the corner and we can’t wait for that day to happen! We are busier than ever in preparing PR Articles for the PrivacyCards and PRV 2.0, making sure that everything is perfect before the big day!

So sit back, buy more PRV now as long as The Great Migration is still on the way, and let us hodl together!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! We are as excited as you are as we prepare for the Great Migration. We cannot stress enough how excited we are as we turn a new leaf sooner than you think!

See you in the next PRV Token Weekly Recap! Tune in for next week’s most exciting update!



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