Cryptocurrency’s growth is unstoppable and PrivacySwap is here to foster it.

4 min readDec 29, 2021

Cryptocurrency has continuously soared over the past few years, yet you might still wonder whether it is staying long-term or not. To help answer your question, we will break down the cause of crypto’s steady rise. Lastly, we will also discuss how PrivacySwap fosters such growth.

2021 is such a fantastic year for cryptocurrency. It showcased an impressive record. However, it also experienced a significant dip. With the charts that bitcoin displayed this year, many people wondered,” would cryptocurrency grow further?”

Just like the internet, cryptocurrency will soon blow.

Willy Woo, a crypto analyst, and influencer compared cryptocurrency to the internet. He foresees that half of the world will use it in seven years.

He mentioned that the world is slowly adapting to cryptocurrency and will gradually gain exponential speed. At the 2020 Unconfiscatable Conference, Woo said that “Human nature views things in a linear fashion.

As a result, we’re not very good at analyzing exponential growth, which is clearly what bitcoin is doing.” With the question regarding internet adoption, he said, “when was the Internet invented? It was invented in the 1960s. [Say it’s] 1994 now — why isn’t there a widespread adoption? The problem was that it was expanding at a staggering pace.”

He also said that “…looking at the current state of the adoption curve, only 1% of the world population holds digital assets. Looking at the rate of growth, which is ~2x a year, there is a kind of Moore’s Law of adoption happening right now, which is 4x in a bull market.”

If we compare cryptocurrency with the growth of the internet along with Woo’s analysis, we can agree on how massive cryptocurrency could grow in the future.

Early adoption is essential.

Considering the fact that Woo’s statement happened one year ago, we can already tell how high cryptocurrency has soared to date. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin hit a 64k high this year.

Aside from that, other cryptocurrencies also reached remarkable growth this year. For example, Shiba Inu achieved a whopping 14,044,998% growth. DeFi-based games have also become popular in some countries, such as the Philippines. In fact, at the moment of writing, the DeFi games space has over 110,000 active players.

Early adoption is beneficial to both the platform and its users. If you are one of the early adopters of the coins and platforms mentioned above, you might already know how well you earned on such platforms. In addition, you might also experience all the bugs and downsides of such assets.

From the platform’s perspective, they might already receive excellent comments and create unique ideas to improve the platform for a better user experience. However, early adopters could also harm the platforms with their feedback and criticism.

Slowly yet surely, how will PrivacySwap’s web 3.0 wallet shape into this?

With the gradual recognition of the peer-to-peer transactions, the web 3.0 wallets will also soon blow. How?

Web 3.0 will profoundly broaden the volume and scope of human and machine interactions far beyond anything we can currently comprehend. These interactions will be feasible with a wider spectrum of potential counterparties, ranging from frictionless payments to richer information flows to trustworthy data transfers.

Web 3.0 will allow us to engage with any person or computer on the planet without having to pay a fee to a middleman. This transition will enable previously inconceivable firms and business models, ranging from global co-operatives to decentralized autonomous organizations and self-sovereign data marketplaces.

As an early player in the DeFi space, PrivacySwap sees this as another way to respond to the expensive transaction fee mishap on the cryptocurrency. Using PrivacySwap DEX and its card loading platform, users will experience more seamless and affordable transactions.

More investors and users will soon see how beneficial web3.0 is. When that time comes, PrivacySwap might already have one of the most seamless web3.0 wallets and could also be the leader of the web3.0 ecosystem.


Cryptocurrency’s growth is inevitable. So, people attempt to be early in the game of adopting such investments, hoping to join the early hype. PrivacySwap aims to use this opportunity to offer an ecosystem that could accommodate all users seamlessly.

Thus, being one of the first web3.0 wallets has become our recent goal. So, we could discover all the possible opportunities to provide an affordable and safe ecosystem to every crypto investor. In addition, we hope that with PrivacySwap, every user will have a fantastic and private crypto journey.

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