Cryptocurrency mass adoption starts as more countries embrace this medium of exchange

3 min readJan 19, 2022


2021 has been such an amazing year for cryptocurrency. It gained so much recognition and influenced all business types to engage in blockchain from financial institutions, malls, to the entertainment industry. With that, more people are seeing how beneficial cryptocurrency is and are investing in the platform. Thus, mass adoption has started.

South American countries have started to use cryptocurrency as one of their accepted currencies. For instance, Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor Eduardo Paes recently announced his pledge to use 1% of the city’s treasury to invest in cryptocurrency. In addition, he even promotes the use of Bitcoin to pay taxes. He mentioned that taxpayers who pay using Bitcoin will receive additional discounts.

With these fantastic innovations, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming widely used in South America.

Uruguay adopts cryptocurrency

According to Cointelegraph, Uruguay installed its first Bitcoin (BTC) ATM, making it the 11th South American country to publicly promote cryptocurrency use. South America had 79 ATMs prior to Uruguay’s involvement, accounting for 0.2 percent of global BTC ATM installations.

The machine was installed in the coastal city of Punta Del Este, one of the country’s major tourist attractions. Uruguay’s first Bitcoin ATM was created and implemented in collaboration with two local cryptocurrency firms, URUBit and inBierto.

The ATM supports the withdrawal of various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) Ferret Token (FRT), and UruBit (URUB).

Senator Juan Satori mentioned that they are not using cryptocurrency as its legal tender. Instead, they are promoting a legitimate, legal, and safe use of digital assets in the country.

This incredible news, along with all the other countries’ announcements of cryptocurrency involvement, simply confirms that the world is gradually adopting cryptocurrency.

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As the world gradually embraces cryptocurrency, why is early adoption crucial?

Though it is not a requirement to be an early adopter of cryptocurrency, we still see it as an advantage for mass adoption in the future. Utilizing the platform during its early days would give you the opportunity to enjoy the remarkable IDOs/ ICOs. The platform also offers amazing promos during their early days to entice more investors.

In addition, platforms coin prices are usually pegged at an affordable rate, meaning you can earn more once the token spikes.

Platform development is always present. This is to ensure that the security remains invulnerable. By upgrading the platform, early users usually receive more benefits during the upgrade. These benefits could be lower swapping fees, swapping fee discounts, and more. With that, investing early in a new platform could be beneficial.

However, there are still disadvantages whenever you invest early in a platform. These disadvantages range from lack of audits, possible scams, the probability of a significant dip, and more. However, if you properly examine the platform, the possibility of you losing all your investment is lower. Remember that earning from a platform also requires proper knowledge.


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