Crypto happens; let’s accept it.

3 min readJan 7, 2022

The inevitability of crypto can no longer be ignored. With countries issuing regulations and approvals of it as a payment method, the painting is getting clearer and clearer as to its future, and it seems like it is here to stay. With hype building up and more people realizing that it should not be something they should miss out on, crypto is reshaping the centralized world, and those who got first dibs are up for a front-row seat to history.

With the feat crypto has reached up to this day, it would make you think of the days you have not engaged in it from the start. Knowing the fact that it’s not that long, to begin with, and considering the prices it offers at that time, all you can do now is acknowledge the regret of ignoring it and having doubts with the assurance that it will just pass.

Yet again, this is an instance of victory for those who risked and trusted the process. Those who became millionaires and had success in their venture simply because they believed that crypto was the next big thing. They are those who spared their time, read through articles and whitepapers, and invested their money, no matter big or small.

But the good thing is it is not yet too late to invest and ride the tide of what crypto has to bring. With more crypto projects surging and constantly developing technology, there is a lot of opportunity waiting for everyone to get a hold of. The crypto industry is still young, and there’s no telling how far it will go.

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A force not weakening down

There are no signs of crypto slowing down, and in fact, it continues to surge at an unprecedented pace. With each year that passes, it continues to break records and achieve ATH that people keep riding and taking advantage of to their benefit.

While there could be instances that the market is unforgiving with its sudden market crashes and long-term dips, it’s something not to be worried about at the end of the day. Based on the future performance of the crypto market, it bounces back through time. It gives us an idea that if you do not impulsively sell, fearing that you will lose all your capital, then your money will be okay.

Closing thoughts

We should not miss out on the opportunity of what crypto could bring. We should accept the change it will bring for years to come as, based on the data we collected throughout the years since 2017, it’s revolutionizing technology as we know it.

It’s something that we should embrace as not only it could provide financial stability for us in the future, it has utility for us to use to solve real-life problems. It offers a solution like never before, and it keeps on improving, making our lives better. It’s here to stay since it’s not something worthless that one can simply brush off. It’s here to stay since it has a purpose.

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