Crypto Cards: Benefits and Risks

A basic crypto card allows you to earn cryptocurrency rewards or instantly convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency to pay for goods and services. Both Mastercard and Visa issue crypto cards, allowing you to use your cryptocurrency in millions of establishments worldwide.

A prepaid crypto card is similar to a debit card in that it must be pre-loaded with cryptocurrency before it can be used. A crypto card can be obtained via a licensed issuer, such as a cryptocurrency exchange or bank. Crypto cards, however, are not without risk. Your card funds may still lose market value, and any transactions you conduct with your card are likely to be taxable.

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What are the benefits of using a crypto card?

The flexibility to utilize your cryptocurrency for everyday purchases is the primary advantage of a prepaid crypto card. Unless a vendor accepts cryptocurrency directly, this has generally been impossible. Even yet, some currency, such as Bitcoin, can take up to 30 minutes to process a transaction. The price is also changeable, which means you may pay more or less than intended.

Many cryptocurrency cards also include incentives such as cashback rewards or discounts on subscriptions such as Spotify or Netflix. These incentives, which are comparable to those offered by ordinary debit/credit cards, entice you to choose a specific card provider. To get the finest perks for you, compare what each card has to offer. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any exchange costs that may be incurred during the converting process.

Risks in having Crypto Cards

Having a crypto card exposes you to the same risks as holding cryptocurrency. If you have loaded your account with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH), the fiat value of your account will fluctuate. This means that, depending on currency rates, you may not have the exact amount of money in your account as you believe.

It would also help keep in mind that spending cryptocurrency is a taxable event in many tax countries. This is true whether you’re spending a few dollars on a cup of coffee or thousands of dollars on a car. If you have any gains or losses on your cryptocurrency before using it to make a purchase with your crypto card, you must pay or write off the applicable taxable amount.

You may circumvent this issue by purchasing stablecoins to use with your crypto card, as the price of these coins rarely varies from their pegged value.

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