Community strength: A recap of the catch-up session with the PRVArmy

If you have been with PrivacySwap since the beginning, you would know that our lovely community is affectionately called the PRVArmy. You would also know how much we value this group and believe that they are crucial to our continuous growth and success.

That’s why across the various migrations, pivots, and milestones, the team has made sure to spend valuable time with the community to give them updates and address their pressing concerns.

Last Wednesday’s informal AMA was no different.

PrivacySwap held a short AMA with the community to provide updates with regard to the project’s status. It was evident that the community was highly anticipating the updates regarding the PrivacyCards and its loading platform. To kick things off, PRVAdmin mentioned that one thing is for sure: “ We are very close to the release of everything.” He also mentioned that there are certain things that should be taken care of to make sure that the web3 card loading platform, PrivacySwap’s strong utility, runs smoothly once launched.

Here are some of the important highlights you must know.

On the PrivacyCards

PrivacyCards already had a soft launch. Some community members have already accessed it through the early access program we opened last year. Some were able to use it already, and some are only waiting for their cards. Regarding the card loading platform, we should’ve completed the testing a week ago, but we aim for the product that we will put out to be close to perfection. We are also continually testing our smart contracts. Since users will stake tokens in order to buy a card, we are submitting smart contracts for audits to ensure that the rewards will be distributed appropriately. We are now doing a continuous test to ensure its seamlessness, and we are ready for the launch.

Other highlights from the AMA

  • The team is not struggling financially, despite the delays. We remain very committed to what we have promised since Day 1. We are working as a team rather than thinking about the financial consequences because we believe that it is going to pay off someday. It’s not easy, but we are not drowning.
  • In the past, we rushed to launch and learned that we should solve all issues before launching. Kindly understand that these delays are to make sure that the platform will work as expected.
  • As project builders, we need to do our best to help ensure the project’s sustainability and scalability.


The casual catch-up ended up with a few questions from the attendees of the meeting. Though this is just a very casual catch-up, PrivacySwap was amazed at how these community members showed interest in the projects. That gave the team more motivation to better the platform as swiftly as possible.

The team is really close to the release of PrivacyCard along with its amazing benefits and card loading platform. To know more updates, check them out.

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