Orb’s taking another week!

It’s another week, another adventure with Orb! Woohoo! It’s a great day for another adventure to our last stops in this amazing Great Migration. This is going to be fun!

6:00 I’m thrilled, I woke up early.

“Wow, I can’t believe the trip was only for a week! How long would we have to travel if there’s no wormhole around to keep the travel time short.”

“Today’s first stop will be HackerNET Galaxy. Hmm. I wonder what will be there! I should ask the Captain about it.”

6:30 It’s early in the morning Orb!

*knock knock knock* Captain!

*knock knock knock* Captain!

*knock knock knock* Captain!

*The Captain opens the door*

“Jeez Orb, it’s 6:30 in the morning!” says the Captain

“Ohh, were you sleeping?” Orb asked

“No, Orb, I was pole dancing. And what’s with your knocking?” Captain answered sarcastically, “What do you want Orb? Isn’t it still early?”

“Oh sorry about that! HAHA! I’m just curious for our first stop today; what can I expect with HackerNET Galaxy? Will it be fun?” Orb asked, “The first 4 galaxies that we’ve already been to turn out to be amazing! And I can’t go back to sleep thinking about how my day will be! ARRGGH!”

“Whoa! Take a chill pill Orb! HAHA! It’s still early and at this hour, people are still asleep. And besides, the earliest time that we’ll arrive will be 11:00” The Captain replied. “Ghad I need my morning coffee. Do you want one?” The Captain offered.

“Tell me now Captain! Tell me now! Tell me now!” Orb m, basically shouting early in the morning and jumping up and down out of excitement.

“Geez have you had your coffee already? where did you get your energy at this hour” The Captain asked

“I don’t drink coffee, Captain!” Orb answered

“Oh, well I do so come back at 10:00 o’clock!”

“But I…”

*The Captain slams the door*

“Where did he get such energy at this hour and without coffee? Such a peculiar lad.” The Captain mumbled

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8:00 I’m gonna ask Mr. L instead!

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

“No one’s answering. Hmmm” Orb mumbled

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

*knock knock knock* Mr. L!

“Hmmm. Maybe he’s still sound asleep. Oh well! Might as well wait for 10:00 am”

*on the other side of the door*

“Phew! Good thing the Captain beeped me up and told me not to open the door!” Says Mr. L

10:00 It’s finally 10 o’clock!

“The long wait is over! Ugh!” Says Orb while heading to the Captain’s corners “I can finally ask the Captain about the next galaxy!”

“Orb! over here!” says the Captain while waiving at Orb

*Orb rushed to the Captain*

Captain! And Mr. L!? I knocked on your door earlier and seems like you’re still asleep,” says Orb

The Captain looked at Mr. L, and both laughed.

“What? Why are you two laughing?” says Orb, puzzled.

“Nothing! HAHAHA! Anyway, to answer your question earlier, the HackerNET Galaxy offers a marketplace where people can acquire services from curated white hats, smart contract auditors, or bug bounty.” Says the Captain

“Curation is achieved through client reviews and evident track record. Legitimate services by legitimate professionals” Mr. L added

“Ohhhhh. So what you two are saying is, if I’ll ever need cybersecurity services, I’ll just go to the HackerNET galaxy? Wow! That’s so convenient and cool!” Orb responded

I know right? And for our last stop, the PrivacySwap Oracle Galaxy, it’s a galaxy of wonders! Did you know that it’s a tech galaxy? the Captain added.

“A tech galaxy? you mean the whole galaxy is loaded with lots of whoa!” Ord asked

“Uhm, you can say that I guess? HAHA! The Captain replied. Remember your PrivacyCard? the Oracle Galaxy is behind such technology “.

“Whoa! That’s so amazing! How is that so?” Orb asked

Well, it is because the Oracle Galaxy is a multi-chain aggregator that enables web3 wallets to connect directly to any existing card solutions. It allows interoperability of on-chain data with traditional financial services, allowing card issuers to tap into the DeFi space safely.

This helps crypto debit card providers and financial institutions like traditional banks easily enter the DeFi space. PrivacySwap Oracle provides solutions for users to fund their cards via integrations with Web3 Wallets such as Metamask, Trustwallet, Phantom, and Sollet”. Mr. L replied.

“Wow! I cannot wait for us to get there! So Captain, we’ve been here in the lobby for an hour already, aren’t you supposed to be on your quarters this time of day? You know, being the Captain of this ship in preparation for our arrival to HackerNET Galaxy?” Orb asked.

“Yeah, about that. We aren’t going there yet because of traffic.” The Captain replied.

“Traffic? But we are on outer space. Why is there traffic? I can see any traffic?” Orb responded.

“I mean, in the docking station, there’s still a space ship like ours, we still have to wait for them to depart to make room for us” The Captain responded

“Oh. I see. Imma go back to sleep then! HAHA” Orb replied.

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15:00 I’m sleepy!

“Well, I’m back at my quarters and the Captain said that tomorrow will be our arrival instead of today. Since I woke up early today, I’m so sleepy right now and I’m going to take a nap”.

*Orb yawns*

Well, it’s Orba the explorer, signing off, for now! I’ll see you soon!


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