Captain’s Log, Stardate 101321 : With APY’s like this, my assets will grow exponentially!

Orb here, still taking over!

This is Orb logging in! I just woke up from our hypersleep and we are about to enter the wormhole for PrivacyGames Galaxy!

8:45 I was awaken by the Captain

“Orb! wake up! we are about to enter the wormhole for the PrivacyGames Galaxy!” the Captain says while shaking me

“I’m up! I’m up! What time is it? Are we there yet? Orb replied

“We are near! You prepare already. Aren’t you gonna watch entering the wormhole?” the Captain added

“No, this is not the first time that we entered a wormhole, you know! We’ve been through PRV 2.0 and PrivacyCards Galaxy wormholes already. Can I go back to sleep now?” Orb responded

“Don’t you get it? this galaxy’s the one i’m excited the most! We are going to play Hack the Vaults in this galaxy!” the Captain’s basically shouting due to excitement

“Wait, I just heard of this Hack the Vaults, what is it Captain? Orb asked

“Well, basically you must find the right key for you to get the loot. One PRV is equivalent to one key. So you need to buy a key and enter it. If you are one of the last three key holders, you will have a portion of a big loot!” the Captain answered

“So if I was the one who held the last key in my hand, would all the loot be mine?

“No, a portion of it. Weren’t you listening?”

“I told you, I still need my sleep!” Orb dozed off “Just wake me up when we’re already there!

13:00 Let the games begin!

“It’s Orb again!”

“We are already here in the PrivacyGames Galaxy and I can’t wait to play Hack the Vaults! I plan to use 500 PRVs for the game as my competitive self is kicking in! Let the games begin!”

*an hour later*

“I can’t believe I just lost, was I too impatient?”

“Orb! over here!” I can see the Captain waiving at me with the biggest smile in the whole galaxy

“Orb I just won the loot from the games! Look at these PRV’s! Sooooo many! Let’s chow it’ll be my treat!” The Captain said

“WHAAAAAAAAT?! You one them all? I can’t believe that you won that much PRV! How did you do that? I can’t believe I did not won anything!” Orb responded

“HAHAHAHAHA! I just got lucky, I guess? I was the last person to hold the right key! ARRRGGGHHH!”

“I hate this. I’m going back to the ship!”

“Hold on, I wanna treat you to lunch. Aren’t you craving for ramen lately?”

“Hmmmm. Tsk. Okay.” Orb still upset that the Captain won

16:00 Back at the ship

“Captain, how much did you win from the game?” Orb asked

“Well, since I was the last person to hold the right key, I was entitled to 40% of the entire loot! Mr. L on the other hand was entitled to 20% of the loot since he was the second to the last person to enter the key, while the Operator was entitled for 5% as he was third to the last”. the Captain replied

“Mr. L and the Operator won also? Ugh! I’m going to take a nap!” Orb replied

“HAHAHA! You’ll get it someday, Orb!”

“Just wake me up when we‘re already on our next stop!”

20:00 Galaxy-Ho!

I was awakened by the announcement that we are already here in the PrivacyVaults Galaxy!

Upon looking out my window, I saw that it’s a wonder!

“So this is where I’ll grow my PRV! interesting! Time for some exploration! Woohoo!”

20:30 I’m in awe!

“I still can’t believe that the PrivacyVaults uses an auto compounding process to optimize yield, a yield where I won’t do the heavy lifting, but the PrivacyVaults instead! Wow, I’ll leave all my money here and enjoy the rest of my life!”

“There’s a lot of vaults to choose from with varying APYs! Up to +30,000 APY? I’m set for life!”

“Wow! I can believe that this is actually real! With APY’s like this, my assets will grow exponentially!

*Sees the Captain also adding liquidity to the vaults*

“Captain! Can you believe this APYs? I can’t believe myself” Says Orb

“I know right? I just added a large sum of my investment fund and I’m planning to add more soon! I’m so excited for its rewards!” The Captain added

“Me too!” Orb responded

23:26 A day to remember

“I just had the best day today! I was able to visit two galaxies in one day! Although I lost 500 PRVs in the Hack the Vaults game, my day is still great considering that the Captain told me his secret on what to do to be the last person to ever hold the correct key! I’ll surely be back there!”

“Furthermore, I still can’t process our venture today in the PrivacyVaults Galaxy. I just invested my money with up to +30,000 APY! Woohoo! I’m so excited for it’s return and surely, I will pay back the lunch the Captain and I had where he bragged his win over and over again! Ugh!”


“I still wanna explore but I’m so tired already from today’s adventure. I think it’s time to hit the hay.”

“Well, the next wormhole for the next galaxy is a week from now and I can’t wait for the next! So this is Orb, signing out, tune in for the next one!

Stay tuned!

  • Orb

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