The Captain is busy for the launch so Orb took over Captain’s log!

This is the Captain logging in. We are about to leave Earth and everything is as green as it can get!

09:00 It’s a high time today!

“We are about to leave earth with the PRVArmy and gaaaahhh im so excited for this venture!”

“So Captain, where will be our first stop?” asked The Operator.

“Set course to PRV 2.0 Galaxy, the PRVArmy’s PRVs will be exchanged there into two (2) tokens, the PRV2 and PRVG. Then set it next to PrivacyCards Galaxy where the APRs are up to +30,000% and where the PRVArmy will soon get their debit cards,” the Captain responded.

knock! knock!

The Operator opens the door, it’s Orb, a good friend of the Captain from the PRVArmy.

“Orb!, there you are! I have a special mission for you!” the Captain remarked with gladness seeing Orb.

“Captain! I’m so glad to see you here in your quarters! Boy you have such a view here on top! So…what will be my special mission?” Orb responded.

“I want you to take over for me,” says the Captain.

“Whhhhhhhhaaaaaatttt? You mean drive this thing? This gigantic Space Cruiser? Are you insane? I cant drive this!” Orb responded.

“No you silly, I want you to take over my weekly logs. Here.” The Captain turns over his recording device.

“…This is my recording device, I want you to tell and record your thoughts and reflection here, let’s just say that you’ll record all of your adventures while we are cruising throughout the cosmos!” The Captain explained.

“Whoa. So it’s like I am Orba the Explorer?!”

“Orb focus”

“What? Will I have my talking backpack and a map too? and where’s Boots?”

“Whaaat? hahahaha. No orb, you won’t.”

“… no thank you!”

“Wouldn’t you want to record your adventure?”

“hmmm.. Okay. But why me?”

“Because I’m busy? Flying this Space Cruiser? Did you forget that I am the Captain?”

“Oh. Makes sense. HAHA”

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13:00 Is this thing even working?

“So hello again. This is Orba the Explorer and I just wasted 4 hours of my life, talking about my take in this Great Migration of ours. I forgot to turn on this recorder. Captain if you’re listening to this I want you to know that this device sucks!”

“Anyway, we are about to cruise the cosmos at the speed of light. Boy that’s fast!…and to get to our first destination, the Captain mentioned that we will enter a wormhole any minute now! woohoo!

15:00 Boy that was fast!

I can see the PRV 2.0 Galaxy and I’m simply in awe!

Wow! I can’t believe our journey started to this beautiful galaxy where our PRV will be exchanged for not one, but two (2) new tokens! The PRV2 and PRVG!

*enters the galaxy*

Orb approached the exchange teller and asked further about the new PRV2 and PRVG.

“Hello, can I ask you something? What is the difference between PRV2 and PRVG?”. Orb asked

“Hi! Sure! So, b is inflationary with several deflationary measures in terms of transfer taxes and sell taxes. But instead of burning that out of circulation, it will be converted into BUSD and distributed to users who stake PRVG. PRV2 has a fixed supply cap, and its emission is high. It also encompasses a unique referral system that incentivizes users to bring their friends along to enjoy the sweet, high APR that PrivacySwap will have to offer.

On the other hand, PRVG aka “PRV Governance ‘’ is the ownership token of the new PrivacySwap ecosystem. Its purpose is to allow users to be part owners of PrivacySwap. Essentially, when users stake PRVG, they will earn rewards in PRV2 as well as a large portion of deposit fees earned throughout the new PrivacySwap farms, transfer taxes earned from PRV2. PRVG is limited in supply and it is emitted at a slow rate. When you hodl and stake PRVG, you are a community owner of PrivacySwap.

“Wow! Please exchange all of my PRV! Boy these PRV2 and PRVG is on a new level of awesomeness!

15:30 I got my PRV2 and PRVG! Hooray!

“This is Orba the Explorer logging in!”

“I just got my PRV2 and PRVG! Wow! My PRV just split into two (2) new amazing tokens! And soon, when we arrive at PrivacyCards Galaxy, I will stake my PRVG to get some PrivacyCard! Argh! I can’t wait!”

Goin’ back on board! Lezzgoo!!

17:42 Im getting dizzy

“And we are here! Wow, that was fast!”

“The view! It’s so beautiful! I can’t believe that we are actually in the PrivacyCards Galaxy!”

“I mean look at the view! Wow! I am about to get my first PrivacyCard here and I still can’t believe that the APR is up to +30,000%! Nowhere in the cosmos offers anything like that!”

“I can’t believe that this is all for the PRVArmy!”

20:00 Quick update!

“Captain, if only this recording device is a camera, the whole galaxy offers a lot more and I can’t stress it enough how wonderful the PrivacyCards are!”

There’s 4 cards to choose from. When you stake $500 USD worth of PRVG tokens, you’ll immediately get Black Premium Debit Card! And it gets better! Argghhh!

When you stake PRVG worth $7,000 USD , $12,000 USD, and 18,000 USD, you’ll get Black Metal, Silver Metal, Gold Metal PrivacyCards! Imagine flexing those to your friends!! Argh! I’ll get the Gold Metal one because I deserve it! Good thing I had enough PRVG from our earlier trip to PRV 2.0 Galaxy!

Isn’t that amazing?

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22:36 It’s time to hit the hay!

Wow what a day! I still can’t believe that I already have a PRV2, PRVG, and my very own PrivacyCard! All in one day! ARRGGHH!

I wanted to explore more but I’m already tired. I think it’s time to hit the hay!

So this is Orb, logging out! We will arrive at the next wormhole about a week from now and I can’t wait logging in and share my journey! Stay Tune for the next one!

See you!

  • Orba the explorer!

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