Captain’s Log, Stardate 100121 : This Migration is a big deal even over the cosmos!

And we have touchdown!

7:29 It’s been a while, Earth!

“It’s a beautiful sight, a brand new day on an old planet of mine!”

“I’m all excited for the PRVArmy for their upcoming Great Migration. Now that the PRV Space Cruiser is already on site, all of them are rejoicing! And my heart is filled with joy along with them”

The Operator entered the Captain’s office that has a large glass window and the PRVArmy are waiving…

“Good Morning, Captain! Great to see the PRVArmy isn’t it? The Operator remarked

“Indeed! I’m really excited for them. For sure this Migration will be something they’ll remember. Im mean, look at what Mr. L and the PRV Team’s plan for them. They are all something to admire. Their aim is for the PRVArmy to flourish in the ever volatile and harsh cryptoverse!” The Captain responded leaning to the rails and looking down to the PRVArmy below

The Captain added: “I still can’t believe that they are all leaving Earth to venture to the most remote corner of the cryptoverse. I’m glad that the PRV Team commissioned me to get them there and be part of it, a part of a big leap to a more sustainable and profitable project ever”

“Wow, Captain you’re chatty today.” The Operator giggles “Anyway I’m here to remind you for your meeting with Mr. L and the PRV team later today?”

The Captain smugs! 😂 “You’re chatty! Oh right,..right,..them”

“Uh oh did you forget?” the Operator asked

“I totally forgot”


“Yeah yeah. No, I haven’t forgotten about that. I’ll see you with them later at 17:30!” The Captain quickly responded

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17:30 Captain! Welcome back to Earth!

“Captain, it’s an honor for you to lead us to our next big step!” Mr. L greated

Mr. L!, it’s great to see you and the PRVarmy.” The Captain responded. “So tell me, I’ve heard that you have already released your PrivacyCards! Was that true? I’ve heard they’re great!”

“Wow! The news was fast!” someone in the PRVArmy responded

“HAHAHAHAHA. Well, I know someone who is very chatty with the latest news about your project” Looks at the Operator as the Captain emphasized the word “chatty”.

Suddenly, the room was filled with laughter.

“Actually no, I was the one who told that to your Operator.” Mr. L clarified

“We have already released the PrivacyCards of those who had first dibs in our early bird program and now, they are flexing it!” Mr. L added

Mr. L shows the pictures of those flexing their PrivacyCards

“Wow, they are amazing! I want it too!” Says the Captain

“Don’t you worry Captain, we will soon release it to the public. I know you are excited for it, the rest of the PRVArmy are too” Mr. L responded

“You bet I am!”

“Geez Captain, hold your horses!” The Operator mumbled

The room was filled with laughter again

20:47 It’s time to go

“Captain, I can’t help but say thank you again for being part of this Great Migration of ours. I’m so glad that you are excited about this project. With that, we are truly grateful for your service!” says Mr. L with a big smile

“I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t exciting, Mr. L! This Migration is a big deal even over the cosmos! With your new currency, PRV2 and PRVG, with your upcoming space farming (revolutionary by the way!), and APR up to 30,000%??! Who wouldn’t wanna be part of that?” The Captain gladly responded

“All for the PRVArmy, Captain! All for them.” says Mr. L

The Captain replied with a smile.

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22:37 Evening here on Earth

“I forgot the night I spent here on earth. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.”

“I have officially met in person Mr. L and the whole PRVteam in making this Migration come true.

“Dear I say, I’m so proud of them. They are bending over backwards in making all these projects just for the PRVArmy

“Trying to think of it, Migration is hard. There’s a lot of planning to be done, especially logistics!”

“I bet PRVArmy are also proud that they are in great hands. Their future is bright with what is about to come!”

Well, that concludes today’s logs. I’ll be waiting for y’all for the next one. Stay Tuned!

  • The Captain



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