Captain’s Log, Stardate 092221 : That’s a lot to unpack for the migration!

3 min readSep 22, 2021


9:10 Earth-ho!

“This is The Captain logging in. And we have reached Earth! Earth-ho!”

“It’s a brand new week with the PRV Space Cruiser at the Earth’s orbit. Oh boy, it’s nice to see my blue planet again!”

“The moon passed by the other day, and jeez, a lot of crypto projects really went off the moon!

11:27 Radio to PRV Space Cruiser from Earth

“Riiiiinnngggggggggg!” “Riiinnnnnnggg!” “Sir, Mr. L the core team head is calling and would like to speak with you!” says The Operator.

“Well, it’s about time! Put him on speaker!” I burst out excitedly

Mr. L leads the PRVArmy. He is one of the point persons for the upcoming migration. He is well-versed for the project and he is the one who commissioned The Captain for the Great Migration!

“PRVArmy to PRV Space Cruiser, over…” radioed by Mr. L

Mr. L! This is The Captain reporting for duty! We have just arrived in our home planet and dear I say it’s looking wonderful” The Captain at the standing in front of the large glass window with Earth on its view.

“Welcome home, Captain!” Mr. L responds “Captain, I’m really excited for our upcoming migration, and I’m glad that you are part of such a monumental journey for us” Mr. L added.

The Captain cannot erase the smile on his face and responded “I’m really glad too, Mr. L!” “So what are you up to now? Considering that we will finally dock Earth next week? Are y’all ready for it?!” The Captain asked.

“We sure are Captain!” You can feel Mr. L’s excitement over the line as he responded to the Captain. “We are preparing for every corner of our Great Migration, from our Farms, from our new currencies or tokens, our PrivacyCards launch, and our conversion machine thingy which we will be used for the conversion of the old PRV to new PRV2 and PRVG tokens”.

“Woah! That’s a lot to unpack for the migration!” The Captain reacted.

15:12 Farms up to 30,000% APR?

“It really is! I’m really excited especially for our Farms. Did you know that our PRV2-BNB and PRV2-BUSD is up to 30,000% APR?”

“30,000%?!” The captain nearly choked with his food

“You heard it right, Captain! 30,000% APR!” Mr. L responded

“Wow! That’s like, a lot! And you say that your PrivacyCard is about to be launched too? The Captain asked.

“Right on! Now, those who hold PRV in their virtual wallets can now withdraw and spend it with their own cards!” Mr. L responded.

“Now you’re talking!” said the Captain.

21:30 It’s a long day

“Well, it’s a long day and this is The Captain on my closing remarks”

“I’m really excited for this Great Migration. It seems like Mr. L and his team is really on to something!”

“I’m so excited on how this project will unfold. With the Great Migration being right around the corner, I cannot wait to all the plans for the PRVArmy to be actualized.”

“For sure, the PRVArmy are thrilled right now for the upcoming Great Migration. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“Well, this is The Captain signing off. Catch me in my next log next week! Stay Tuned!”

· The Captain




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