Captain’s Log, Stardate 090821 : “I’ve Been Commissioned For The Great Migration”

2 min readSep 9, 2021
“Their project seems out of this world?!”

“Good day — err., night? You can’t pretty much tell when you’re 1,500 light years away from Earth.”

“Anyway, this is The Captain speaking (to myself as always).. This log is to confirm my return to planet Earth anytime soon. A DeFi project called privacysweet — oops PrivacySwap wants me to take the reins of a stallion, let’s see- ohhh! This cruiser is ginormous!”

“Hmm, says here the PRV Space Cruiser will be boarding crypto hodlers, investors, and enthusiasts for a so-called The Great Migration. Migration? Okay..”

PRVArmy is what they call themselves. Heh — yeah right. Let’s see how long this “army” can defend themselves from a bunch of space bandits out here in the cryptoverse! Those nasties can be a real pain in the neck. Well, their name spells “privacy” so I guess they know what they’re talking about?”

“Let me see where their destination is exactly.”

22:36 I knew it! They’re space-farming!

On their way to uncharted galaxies, is what their description says. Come to think of it, that’s a good destination-uncharted galaxies- just imagine all the wonders of cryptoverse they are about to unfold. To infinity (and beyond!), I like it!”

“Wait.. Oh,I see.. They’re looking for new planets to farm! Yeh, there’s a rumor around the BSC Nebula that planets around there teem with good exploits, outrageously high APRs, baby! Guests in this cruiser ship are about to make some real $$$$!!”

23:18 But what about their currency?

“Says here their galactic ecosystem will have PRV2 and PRVG tokens — err, what in the space donkey are those?!”

“Oh right.. They’ve actually attached a tokenomics brief..”

“..hmm.. Right.. Okay.. Uh-huh.. Now I get it! They’re having the PRV2 as their native token and the PRVG as the governance token! Governance token.. Does this mean PRVG holders own part of their conquests? I guess that makes sense. These so-called PRVArmy will be the owners of their colonized farm-planets. Exquisite!

23:59 G2G!

“Well, I hate to say this but I guess I have to enter a wormhole to get to Earth as fast as I can. This PrivacySwap and PRV 2.0 has surely piqued my interest.. The PRVArmy is about to embark on an epic galactic crusade out here in the wild cryptoverse and I’d be glad to tag along.”

“Crypto planets that spew riches, mischievous cute space bandits, a giant cruiser drifting in space, literally everything is possible in The Great Migration!”

“This is The Captain signing off and I hope you read my log next week!”

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