Benefits of offshore banking and how it relates to PrivacyCards

2 min readJun 12, 2022


PrivacySwap is all about security and privacy, and it’s a no-brainer that it also applies to its highly anticipated PrivacyCards. It’s also no secret that cybersecurity experts founded PrivacySwap, and with this, only the best security is for users is employed; hence PrivacyCards uses offshore banking.

Benefits of offshore banking

PrivacySwap is the only crypto project that utilizes foreign banks to process and make the PrivacyCard work like magic. This foreign bank is the one who will handle crypto to support fiat transactions possible. But why is it a big deal for it to be offshore?

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Offshore banks offer far more stability than local banks. This is because the offshore bank will not be directly affected by the financial stability of the country in which it is operating. It is far more secure and superior since its stability is not reliant on how a country is doing or if its inflation is in check.

It does the job of securing PrivacySwap’s funds as not all banks in a foreign country can offer offshore banking; it is only offered by those who are already trusted by all and have been known for their stability in the financial field.
Not only that, but this is also the reason why PrivacyCard’s transaction fees are very low and user-friendly. This is a well-thought solution to the rising demands of crypto cards and their rising transaction fees, which only PrivacyCards hold.

The team behind PrivacyCards is extremely happy and excited for the PRV community to get their hands on this project, for it not only gives them the convenience of spending their crypto but it also guarantees the security of their assets through offshore banking.

PrivacyCards are the future

There is a guarantee that PrivacyCards will not let you down with your money. It is an assurance on PrivacySwap’s part that it will have a great job making sure that your money and its value will stay intact no matter what happens.

With PrivacyCards, you can rest easy in spending crypto, thinking that you are secure in every transaction you make, no matter how big or small your holdings are.

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The team is really close to the release of PrivacyCard along with its amazing benefits and card loading platform. To know more updates, check them out.

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