August 26, 2021 : PRV Token Weekly Recap

3 min readAug 27, 2021
Intense price skirmish, but PRV keeps fighting back as we gear up for The Great Migration.

Closing at a slightly higher value than last week’s, PRV refuses to yield to the bearish market! And while we observed a great price peak in the middle of the week, this was off-set by subsequent price drop, bringing Aug-26 0:00’s value at $2.42.

Let’s take a look at this week’s intense price skirmish.

It was a mountain climb ⛰️

Everyone was hopeful when PRV started the week at $2.38, showing a strong 6.95% growth in 24h. The price remained in a flux for three days until it closed at $2.39 on 23-Aug.

The PRVArmy’s Monday seems to be upbeat and promising as the price peaked at $2.61 just before the day ended. However, just as fast as it has risen, the value dropped again by 6.13% in 24h.

It was a mountain climb (+ the descent 😅)

The deepest dip recorded this week is a sharp drop last Wednesday at 4.04% in just 2 hours. After that, the price started pulling back up again until it closed the week at $2.42.

This trend goes to show that indeed, the token is volatile at this point. With its price hitting highs and lows for the past couple of weeks, it would seem that PRV hodlers are really weighing whether to hold or sell during this bearish season.

While we understand such a dilemma, we want to reiterate that we are all here for the long haul. ✊👊

And if you’ve been able to attend our DeFi Class last Wednesday, you would have a glimpse of what we have in store for the PRVArmy!

The Great Migration, announced!

At a glance, The Great Migration features PRV 2.0, PrivacySwap’s timely response to the current PRV climate.

The team did a heavy brainstorming on how to address the bearish market as a proof that we are not leaving you holding the bag. Besides, with all our lined up suite of utility (Hack The Vault, PrivacyCards, etc.) , never once did we consider throwing in the towel! 💪

While the details of PRV 2.0 are still being ironed out, it is safe to say that your beloved defi project is going back to its roots — farming. Yes, we are becoming a farm again.

Say hello to Higher APRs = higher returns

Why PRV 2.0? 🤔

Well here’s a fact: Yield Farms don’t last long. By creating PRV 2.0, users are incentivized to hold by making you the farm owner. Only PRVG holders will get to earn a portion of the farms.

In the current PRV ecosystem, some people find very little reason to hold on to PRV; a migration to PRV v2 will not only allow us to bring on board more people, but it will also make PRV work for current users again.

The new ecosystem is more transparent, more fair. Developers don’t get a daily supply to be regarded as dumping.

That’s enough for spoilers! 🤫

We are sure to release an article about the nitty gritty of this daring move anytime soon so keep your eyes peeled for our official press release.

Whatever changes this token migration brings, rest assured that the PRVArmy is always our top consideration. We are taking this bold step to give you (us) a better fighting chance and a greater opportunity to maximize your investments.

With PRV 2.0, our charts are bound to be recalibrated. And as everything settles back in balance, gear up as the migration brings us closer to the moon!




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