August 19, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

“We either sit here.. or we take action and move. We choose to move. So move with us.” -@PRVAdmin

PRV closes the week at $2.32 (19-Aug 00:00), once again lower from the preceding week; and though this kind of setback may be enough to make other coins throw in the towel, we are simply not giving up!

And why would we?

With a well-defined roadmap, high-rewarding utilities, and an unbreakable support system from our beloved PRVArmy, this battle is far from over! We’re not stopping until we realize our vision to become the best defi project community of hodlers, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts.

And while our chart may look like Jason’s murder spree on a Friday night, no amount of red candles can outshine our burning hearts! ️🔥

We’re not sugarcoating

We understand that a lot of you guys are very concerned regarding the price trend of PRV over the past few weeks. We, too, are concerned.

With the bearish season still hanging low in the air, PRVs price continues to dwindle like a flame flickering in a storm. Last week, PRV closed at $2.90, which is also lower than the previous week’s value, $3.74. However, we were able to observe green candles starting to show up so we assumed that this week would be a real game changer.

And speaking of a game changer, we bet our bottom dollar that Hack The Vault, PrivacySwap’s very first installation of PrivacyGames, would greatly impact PRV’s price dynamics. While we are in awe of the positive feedback we received after its launch, surprisingly, the game wasn’t able to sustain the price bump it has provided.

The token’s value reached its all time high after 2 weeks at $2.92 after the game’s launch; remained at the range of $2.81 — $2.90 for about 4 days; until finally came Tuesday, when PRV suffered again a devastating blow.


On August 18, in a span of 24 hours, PRV’s price crashed from $2.77 to $2.35. That’s a 15.16% loss! Look at those steep red bars which remind us of a music playlist bass drop! 😎

But kidding aside, though this chart may look discouraging, we are not easy to lose heart; and so should you!

So here’s the truth, served on a hot plate

Cryptos crash. That’s a lesson you will learn sooner or later. Or if you’re one of our PRVeterans, you probably have seen more crashes like a seasoned maestro of war.

Take the king of cryptos for example. In May 2021, Bitcoin dropped to an astounding 41%. That’s more than double of PRVs current dip! If you think this has been BTC’s worst year, you cannot be more wrong. Bitcoin has crashed 80% or more three different times since 2012, according to Visual Capitalist data.

The infamous May 20, 2021 BTC crash

These numbers look “ginormous” compared to PRV’s current drop rate of 15.16%; and for that reason we are not that worried. It’s only a matter of time before we par with BTC which currently trades at $46,481.18 (at the time of writing).

One thing we learn about History is that: it has a way of repeating itself.

So hodl up because here’s the game plan!

Okay, we know for sure that the PrivacySwap ecosystem is one which is deeply rooted in sustainable and high utility products like our recently launched PrivacyCards and upcoming PrivacyMixer.

As @PRVAdmin put it on his August 10 Announcement:

“Our word to the community is that no matter what happens, we will continually work on delivering what we promised, be it by hook or by crook. We have not given up and we have zero intention on doing so.”

Following this is the weekly update released last August 16 wherein we highlighted loads of stuff in the works.

  1. Landing Page — Up and running for your new referrals to be enticed and captivated by the PRV charisma, coupled with the blueprint of our features and roadmap, and of course, external links to the PrivacySwap App and GitHub Page.
  2. Early Access Debit Cards — As promised, we are working our a$$ off to get those PrivacyCards to our deserving winners drawn two weeks ago. In about two to three weeks more, you’ll have in your hand the future of the debit card system. And we promise, it’s definitely worth the wait!
  3. PRV V2 — A project we are brewing to inject life back into PRV; this rough-draft pitch would be a complete migration of existing PRV over to the new layer. It is a new layer that will consist of TWO tokens, both PRV2 AND PRVG. As this is not set in stone yet, we guarantee to keep you updated as we progress on this strategy.

Finally, to close this PRV Token Update, we leave you with @PRVAdmin’s closing remarks:

“We either sit here and watch PRV’s price stay depressed, OR we take action and move. We choose to move. So move with us.”

Move with us, beloved PRVArmy!!



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