August 13, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

As the market drones on a bearish season, we just might have to “hack” our way to the top once again!

PRV closes the week at $2.90 (Aug-12, 00:10), lower than last week’s but green candles are starting to grow!

The past few weeks have been quite a challenge to the whole PRV community but the PRVArmy remains unshaken as ever! As the market drones on a bearish season, everyone can’t help but to have a more positive outlook especially when we announced the PrivacySwap’s latest utility to be launched, Hack the Vault!

Deep dip of the week

Despite the hopeful atmosphere, we are still committed to be transparent with you by reporting a deep price plunge recorded last Monday. In less than an hour, a huge movement of funds caused the drop of PRV from $3.52 to $3.02. That’s a decrease of 14.28%.

On the brighter side, that was the major dip so far and we’re just happy again to see the market price resume its stability.

This is hopefully in consonance with last week’s PRV Token Recap when our analysis showed some more shallow dips but some form of price stabilization.

Keeping it cool till Friday

For the past three days, the price has not been moving drastically. Although this may not appear as an instant bounce-back, it definitely means that a lot of the PRVArmy is on hold. And as we always emphasize, this is the most strategic move!

Stabilization of a crypto’s price (or any asset for that matter), is indicative of its market correction to bounce-back on the charts.

Consecutive green candles are starting to show!

Research shows that for the past years, a crypto’s lull in wild swings for consecutive days can be taken as a tentative sign that the fragile digital currency is beginning to recover.

Could this be the reason why we observed consecutive green candles? Well, it’s that or we just got lucky. But our money’s on the former!

We have computed this week’s 3-day volatility to fall back to 18.02% from a record high of nearly 66% from Week 30. We suppose this is one of the best pieces of evidence to prove how PRV fights valiantly in the midst of the bearish market.

A race against time, keys, and other players! The catalyst we’ve been waiting for!

Friday the 13th is about to test your luck

As mentioned, we are about to bring a twist to your usual Friday the 13th as PrivacySwap launches the first ever installation of PrivacyGames; Hack the Vault!

This strategic, fun-to-play game will not only give you an opportunity to earn and maximize your gains, but it is also projected by the whole PRV community to provide a boost to the PRV price!

Is this the catalyst we’ve all been waiting for? Of course, we bet it is! All in!

With the official launch coming in less than 12 hours, we are on the edge of our seats as we hype everyone to participate in the greatest DeFi heist of history.

So what are you waiting for? Lock and load your PRVs, play Hack the Vault, and support the project as we spend the next days hodling to the moon!



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