Ask the Orb: What is an Initial Farm Offering (IFO)?

IFO incidents are classified into two types:

Unlimited Sale: For a set amount, the customer can stake as many BNB and CAKE tokens as they like.

The following are some of the advantages that IFO users enjoy:

  • The removal of the middleman. On the IFO platform, peer-to-peer transactions are encouraged, allowing users to save money in the long term even if they are new to the world of cryptocurrency.
  • IFO increases the benefits of trading on DEXs, particularly for individuals new to cryptocurrency.
  • Due to the dual-margin intention, project financing via IFO platforms is risk-free.
  • Decentralization ensures that all transactions and activity are transparent to users and investors.
  • Users can expect long-term gains as well as immediate liquidity.



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